Wednesday, April 07, 2010

2 days away

Taylor will be having her tonsills and adenoids out in 2 days. I think it starting to hit what will be happening. She has been talking about it a lot and has lots of questions. She's pretty excited about getting to eat jello, popsicles, slurpees etc. One of the things I didn't realize was how long we would have to stay after. We have to be there around and hour and a half early. Then the surgery takes about 30 minutes, an hour in the recovery room and then we have to stay 8 hours after that. And if it gets too late she'll have to stay over night. I guess I'll be packing a little bag for myself just in case. Thankfully the boys will be in good hands so I won't be worried how they are doing. I know Taylor will be fine and she will be in good hands. I just get scared as a parent when you hear the horror stories.

Anyway, Spence is coming along with his potty training. Even tells me he has to pee. Woohoo! Here's  hoping we're diaper free by the summer. Well actually we already are diaper free but I don't want to have to use swimmers. They are so gross to change.

Quinks has been having some behavior issues so all the chocolate he got for Easter has been thrown out. I think what he eats plays a part in it all. Monday was especially bad and yesterday was way better, no chocolate was eaten.

Training has been going so-so. I got some new runners and it seems to be helping my knee. I found out last week that for the last 2 years I have been wearing the wrong type of runner and that could have been contributing to the pain. The race is less than 2 months away. I hope I continue to be pain free. It's very frustrating.

Well off I go to tidy up so we can go play in the sunshine.

Oh but before I go I'll leave you with a funny that Quinten said. We went to Edmonton this past weekend and when we got there Chris reminded them that Freckles, his parents dog, had died. And that it might be nice to say sorry to them. Which Quinten replied, " Why? I didn't do it."