Friday, December 18, 2009

Last day

Thankgoodness it is the last day of school and then 2 weeks off. I'm feeling very unorganized, sleepy, can't seem to get everything done, etc. I can't wait to sleep in. Hopefully get more baking done and finish getting Chris' stocking stuff. He is so hard to buy for. Does anybody else have a problem buying for their spouses or signficant others? What types of stuff are you getting? I need ideas people.

Why am I up this early? Could it be the kid who came into our bed coughing? Or the husband getting up, trying to be quiet, but I could still hear him. Maybe I should go tidy something up. I've just been so lazy lately.

Anyway happy last day of everything for us till the new year.
Have a great Friday and weekend seen as I am a slacker blogger so I'll probably not blog tomorrow. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm so bad at this

Seriously I need to get better, or get more motivation to blog. Things have been busy around here. Hair cut for me that went wrong. That will teach me to go to the hair salon just around the corner with a person I don't know. I asked for a trim because I want to keep growing it long. Well she took way too much off and it wasn't even. Left side was longer than the right and on the right side she made they crazy chunks of layers that so didn't look good. Thankgoodness one of the mom's at gymnastics is a hairdresser and she fixed me up as good as she could. might just take some growing out.
This week already I've had 2 cupcake/cake orders and I have another one for Saturday. I'm very excited about it all. I love making cupcakes. I think I've said that before.
Other than that the usual has been happening. Cleaning, laundry, getting ready for Christmas, Christmas parties etc.

Hope everyone has had a great week.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Enough Blizzard

As I sit here in the dark, the only light is the computer screen, you would think it would be silent and peaceful. The wind is howling, and has all night, and I can hear Taylor snoring. Seriously that kid can snore. That will have to be brought up at her next ENT appointment.
I know some people are excited about the snow but not me. Because with snow comes crazy roads. I don't enjoy driving in weather like this. Time for a chinook.
Today is filled with tidying, finish decorating the house, driving, in this crappy weather, to soccer, watch soccer, drive home in the already mentioned crappy weather, hunker down for a couple of hours and then off to do a mandatory gym cleaning at Altadore for 4 hours. I really dislike cleaning my own house let alone cleaning a gym full of stuff. And I'll have to do more driving. Okay so it's not that bad but I would rather be hanging out at home watching Christmas movies with my kids and then hanging out with my husband and friends. Maybe it will get cancelled. I'll cross my fingers.
Then tomorrow is the kids Christmas party at Chris' work. Always a good time. The kids are excited and that's all that matters.

What plans do you have this weekend?