Thursday, March 29, 2007

Belly Pic

As promised here is a belly picture. My tummy isn't hard enough to show bare. And I'm not sure you want to see all the stretch marks. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. Some outfits make me look bigger than others. It's amazing how big I am for 13 weeks. I guess that is what #3 will do. i took it myself that is why I look so far away.

I had a positive encounter with a stranger today. I have blogged in the past about people butting their nose into my parenting. Today this sweet old man came up to me and said "Look at your beautiful, healthy children, you must be raising them right" It was so nice to hear that instead of criticism. I guess he didn't see the fries my kids were eating. Hope everyone is having a truly sunny Thursday. I seem to be and for some reason I feel really calm about the house today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's snowing......Again!

The first thing Taylor did this morning was look out side and said " Not again. Gross!" I feel the same way. Of course this is Calgary and anything goes. This weather is not helping the house selling. Plus I don't know what I will do with the kids if we get the showing call. Normally they book at least an hour. That's a long time to spend at Sobey's. Maybe Chris will leave the car for me tomorrow. Or maybe better yet would be an offer. Until then snow go away and don't come back another day. Argh!

Monday, March 26, 2007

It was fun!

I had so much fun at Camp Croppin'. Next year I will have to take more classes. You should see the free stuff Karri came away with. I took only one class and I wasn't too impressed. It was Crop Circles. I renamed it. Took away the O and add an A. It was nice to be able to dedicate that time to getting pages done. I did 8 pages. More than I've done in the last couple of months. They were 2 very longs days but so worth it. That is till my body said enough last night I got sick. I'm finding with the baby I need to get a lot of sleep. That helps the sickness. Maybe I will even post some pics of my pages. Who knows. They aren't as good as the scrapbooking Queen's but I was pleased.
In other news it has been a week since our house went on the market and no offers. Tons of showings everyday. I think we spent more time away from the house last week that in it. Everybody keeps saying it's Calgary it will sell. I think that has me discouraged. Somebody out there must like our house. It is super clean and freshly painted. Doesn't that count. I think the location is the problem. Our street isn't super busy but I think it might be why no offers. I'm not only praying that the house will sell but that God will give me the patients to keep the house clean, deal with the kids, not get stressed out, and the list goes on. I will keep you all updated as I know things.

Well I had better go get some more laundry finished. We never know when we will get a showing call.
Hope everyone had a super duper weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here I come

Tomorrow is the start of Camp Croppin'. I am super pumped. I haven't been able to scrapbook for a long time because of the house. Hopefully it will get my mind off of the selling. As for the house, we've had a lot of showings. Everyday in fact. We've spent a lot of time away from here. It's easier for the kids that way. They can't mess up too much. Maybe this weekend we will get an offer, or lots more showings. Anyway that's all I have for now. I update on my weekend after the festivities. Hope everyone has a good one.
Peace out!

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's on

The house went on the market on the weekend. There were a couple of showings. I've been a little stressed out with having to keep the house absolutely spotless. I like having a clean house but if toys are left out it's normally not a big deal. We tried to stay out of the house today because there was a realtor tour. Tomorrow hopefully we can go to Chris's hockey game so I won'y have to worry about the house. Hopefully we don't get a call right before Tuesday night dinner, to do a showing. That's all I ahave for now. I do want to send a shout out to Marilyn. Holla! And as Ellen says ackackacka. Or somthing like that. Marilyn you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Done at last!

I am finally done painting. At least I'm pretty sure I'm done. You never know what spots you find that have been missed. I also am done cleaning. All that needs to be done is wash the floor tomorrow. Only one little mishap. While I was vacuuming, I was half way done, the beater bar decided to quite on me. So I had to use a little attachment. Not so fun. Got the job done though. Now it is rest time. I kind of think I over did it. Now I feel pretty crappy. Hopefully a fairly restful weekend is in store. We are going to Edmonton for Mrs. P's funeral and then we will stay the weekend. Well I'd better get ready to have a lay down. I'm having problems spelling.
Peace out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Argh, I hate Painting!

I don't know if I am getting irritable because of the painting or what. But I hate painting!!!!!!! Hopefully I will have my part done by tomorrow afternoon. It would be nice if it were done in the morning.

Monday, March 12, 2007

1st appointment

Today I had my first ob appointment. As I thought I am due on October 5th. And as I also thought I will have to have another c-section. My doc said it is not the best idea after having 2 c-sections to try again. Too much can happen. It's better to be safe than sorry, just so I can say I had what some consider a normal delivery. I guess c-sections are normal for me. It would have been nice but we have to be safe.
In other news we are in the final stages of painting. The house is going up on the market on Saturday, and we have been painting crazy for the last week. It's almost done. YEAH!!!!!!!! I hope I don't have to see another paint brush for along time. It wouldn't have been so bad if we only had the walls to do. For a smaller house we sure have a lot of baseboards, casings, doors and one heck of a bannister to paint. It does look a lot better than the gross brown.
That has been our life lately. Maybe I will get Chris to take a picture of my baby belly, with the shirt covering. I feel really big for being 10 1/2 weeks. Oh well baby # 3 will do that I guess. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
I will try to be a better blogger this week.
Peace out!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Where is the Key?

So I had big plans for the weekend. Chris was away in Lethbridge for a hockey tournament and I would finally have a vehicle to go around in. We had plans to meet up with a friend of mine to shopping and have lunch on Saturday. And of course church on Sunday, and Sundae Sunday after church.
We were already to go to the mall. I could not find the car key anywhere. Yes we have only one. The pathfinder only came with one and we have been to cheap to get another one. They aren't cheap. Chris always keeps the key in his jacket pocket because he is the one who drives most of the time. Well he had taken the key with him to Lethbridge. So I had the car but no key. And this happened after I asked him Thursday if he remembered to leave me the key. ( He was going ice fishing with work.) HE said to me then, "I'm not stupid I know to leave the key." He now knows why I give him friendly reminders. Sometimes we women know our men more than they do. So needless to say he has some making up to do. And last night I didn't have to change a single diaper. I think I can milk this for awhile. So now I am back to being stuck in the house. Although I think I will make him come to Costco with me tonight. And I get the car tomorrow because of 10% Tuesday. Yeah!
Hope ya'll had a good weekend.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

This morning Taylor came into our bed, too early. She kept saying something stinks. Then she looked at me and said "mommy you have bad breath. Turn your head over there." Kids are so honest. She's lucky I didn't breathe my dragon breath on her.
I got the phone call I've been waiting for, for the last couple of weeks. My family Doctor does not see obstetric patients, but my ob doesn't nornally see his patients till they are about 2o somethings weeks along. That poses a problem. I need to be seen by somebody. I have an appointment set for June with my ob but it took some convincing for him to see me the whole way through. I know he is super busy, but it is nice to not have to switch Doctor's in the middle. Normally it probably wouldn't matter if I saw an ob or not, but because I've had 2 c-sections a 3rd is inevitable. It sucks but what can I do. Nothing. Wow that was a lengthy way to get that out.
I know it has been a week since a poop story. Quinten thought you guys would want another one so he provided that entertainment today. I left the kids with my mom this morning and she thought because he had just pooped he wouldn't poop again anytime soon. So therefore wouldn't need duct tape. Well he did. Luckly I caught him in the early stage of playing so he didn't make as big of a mess. I'll have to post a picture of his super hero belt, as I like to call it. Maybe I should start drawing pictures on it. You never know it could become a new fashion trend.
That's been my day. Chris is off this weekend to a hockey tournament. Hopefully the kids cooperate for me.
On my last post sandra commented about women who eat ice cream have an easier time getting pregnant. I actually heard that too. And we all know how much I love ice cream. I wonder if it really is true. Who knows.
Peace out!