Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Growing up too fast

On Saturday my girl went on her first sleepover. She's had a friend sleepover here but never had one away from home. I was a little worried how it would go. Taylor has a hard time being dropped off places so I expected lots of tears and prying her arms and legs off of me. Nothing. I even had to ask for a hug and kiss as she was running to play with her friend. I then expected a phone call in the middle of the night. Nothing again. I thought this was the start of a new thing for her. Here I thought drop offs would now be easy. Not so much but getting better. The one that really puzzles me is going to Sunday school. Not sure why she doesn't want to go. Maybe one of these days this will all be behind us.

We got Quinks blood test results yesterday. Of course the docs offices called us on Friday to say he wanted to see us on Monday. So over the weekend our minds couldn't help but constantly think about what it could be. We knew he was being tested for diabetes and Celiac. Thankfully he has neither. The only result was a low glucose. So we have to feed him more often. Plus we have to watch the other symptoms he has been having, over the next few months. All in all good news.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Taylor's fundraising effort. We still have more to go. I hate asking all the time but please know that we really appreciate every little bit of help. THANK YOU!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love my kids....

but I get very frustrated with them lately. Like today. We've been letting the kids play in the basement with the scooters and watch the olympics. Taylor thought the tv was in her way and tried moving it. All of a sudden I hear a major crash and go running, where I found the tv screen down smoking and the sound of glass breaking. Luckly nobody got hurt. That tv is very heavy and could have sent a kid to the hospital.
I feel like they are always making a mess and before I get someone saying that I need to be on them about cleaning. I do. I also don't want to be a nag all day. I want to have fun with my kids and not be cleaning constantly. I don't want my kids to remember the cleaning stuff but the fun stuff Mom and Dad do with them.  Maybe one of these days I'll get a handle on it all.
Anyway back to Olympics watching.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where is my time going?

It seems as though life is busy around here but not sure with what. Nothing truly exciting is happening or has happened. Just the normal everyday stuff. Like potty training Spencer, well combine that with 4 out of 5 of us getting some kind of stomach bug, life gets interesting but not the kind of interesting that people want to read about. I've written posts about our or mostly my adventures in poop, with Quinks. It's all pretty much the same but a different kid. Although I will say Spence is picking it up quicker than the other 2. I would love for him to be trained by the summer. I really dislike those sandy, poopy swimmers. So not fun.

Taylor continues to do gymnastics and loves it. Our going to school problems are getting better. It's not only emotional on her but me as well. I try to hide the tears from her. She now gets to go into school early to help the gym teacher set up for the day. Much better reward for her. We were doing a sticker chart.

Quinks is still playing indoor soccer and is looking forward to the outdoor season. He is taking skating lessons and another set of swimming lessons. It's amazing how quickly kids pick up a new skill. Everyday he asks if today is the day he gets to go to kindergarten. What a difference. He has even offered to go to school for Taylor.

And like I said before Spencer is potty training. He is also talking up a storm. The screaming is getting better, I think because he is able to communicate better. He is the baby of the family and tries to get his way with the screaming but so far it doesn't really work.

That just leaves me. ( I know I didn't say anything about Chris but you know I can't.)
I've been trying to get back to working out and running. I find the time when I can. And with us pucking and such it's been sporatic. It will come. I'm still making cupcakes if anyone if interested. I've got lots of ideas but no one to make them for.

Anyway hopefully I'll write more often. I guess I just don't think our life is super exciting right now.