Thursday, September 09, 2010

Okay I really, really, really suck at this

Life seems to have gone by so fast over the last 3 months. Wow! Our house has finished another year of school, went camping, a nose surgery, more camping and now back to school for 2 kids this time. Quinten is loving school and has no problem going. He is very tired by the middle of the afternoon but that will settled down once he gets used to the swing of things. Taylor is still not keen on going into the school but we've only had tears one day. Chris is healing up from his surgery. Still a little sore. It doesn't help that the boys bonk him quite often during their wrestling matches. And Spencer is fully trained. And has been for a bit but my lack of blogging has prevented me from saying we are done with diapers, pull ups and babies. sniff, sniff
Yesterday was the start of Lobbster Birthdaypalooza. Happy Birthday Chris! I feel like every weekend is filled with something birthday related for us. At least I'll have some more cupcake/cake examples to share.Summer is slow for orders. Please keep them coming.

Anyway that's a bit of catch up. I will try to be better. Maybe tomorrow will be a picture post. Stay tuned