Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a good halloween. And for all the parents out there with trick or treating age had good time in the cool night. We had a good time with Taylor, Quinten was sleeping so he stayed home with Nana. She sure got a lot of candy for only going to about a dozen houses. I don't ever remember getting so much from each house when I was a kid. And of course I bought too much candy again this year so all the kids were getting big hand fulls especially at the end of the night. A good time was had by all. Taylor was scared at a few houses. They were right decked out. I think it was the scary music. She still had fun though.
As for the picture of Chris in his costume. It's not that he is embarrased by the photo but you'll probably notice that his picture has not shown on my blog yet. There is a good reason for that. If you think about it you'll know. So that's that. He is so layed back that he could care less what he looks like in a picture. Well I think it is time to put my feet up and relax a bit. I'm sure tomorrow will be busy. Who knows what I am in store for. Have a great night.
Peace out!

Monday, October 30, 2006

No picture of Daddy

Sorry no picture of Chris in his costume. He has asked me not to post it. Let me just say that he dressed up as a lady. My was he pretty. His ensemble included fake eyelashes, a dress filled with kleenex in the appropriate area, red lipstick, fish net stockings, a tiara and butterfly wings. Oh and a wand and blonde wig. If your ever over and want to see the picture I might be able to make it happen. Not much has happened around here today. I will leave you with pictures of Quinten dressing up and Taylor carving a pumpkin. If you make the first picture bigger you can see a nice booger.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Party time, excellent!

Last night Joy threw a fabulous halloween party for the kids. Thanks Joy for putting all that work into the party. It was fun. Next year more adults should dress up. Chris and I were the only adults to dress up. But we aren't the type of people to care. I have a picture of Chris in his costume so if I get permission to post it I will. Taylor was the only kid at the end of the night still wearing her costume. She even wanted to sleep in it. What a kid. I hope everyone is having a wonderful snowy day.
Peace out!

Friday, October 27, 2006

1st Hair cut

These are some before shots. Look how happy he is. He doesn't know what is coming.

Quinten has finally had his 1st haircut. I have to admit that I got a little teary as it was happening. I didn't want him to look too grown up. He's my baby. It is so much better now. Not so shaggy and girly looking. He does look like a little boy.
He wasn't too happy about the whole thing. It is hard to tell in the after shots how cute it really looks. He wasn't in a picture taking mood.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No puke or poop

So I think we're done with being sick. Although Chris hasn't got whatever the kids and I had. Cross my fingers he doesn't get it. I woke up this morning and was feeling great.
My mom had her pacemake put in today. She is doing well and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow. She is thankful for everybody's thoughts and prayers. I would like to thank everybody for being so caring.
On the way to the hospital tonight, my Dad and I saw a dodge truck. He said it must be a cowboy truck. I wasn't getting what he was saying. I didn't see any cowboy hats or anything else cowboyish. Underneath at the back of the truck was a metal scrotum hanging just so. I have never seen that before. I couldn't stop laughing. I said that is blog worthy for sure. Sorry if anybody finds that offensive.
Tomorrow is haircut day for The Boy. I'm a little sad to cut it. I'm not really sure why. It needs to be done though. At times his hair looks girly. And we can't have that. I will have pictures tomorrow. I hope it doesn't make him look to grown up. He is after all my baby.
Anyway. I have nothingh more to post. Till tomorrow.
Peace out!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sick day #2

As I write this post I am finally starting to feel better. When you're a stay at home mom you don't get to call in sick. So it is very hard to rest and get better. You throw up in the midst of playing and cleaning and laundry, etc. My mom didn't get her pacemaker today. She wasn't even on the list for today. I guess too many people needs theirs more than she does. She is on the end of tomorrow's list. No guarantee though. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I don't have much more to say. So I will leave you with a few pictures.

It's the cap'd avenger. And messy man. And our little unicorn posing.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will it ever end?

I wish I could report that the puking and other stuff is done. But it is not. Nope it's not the kids. They have passed it on to me. Oh how lucky can I be. At least I know to go to the bathroom so hopefully I won't have to wash more sheets. What a way to spend my special day. Bent over a toilet. Nathan sort of bought Swiss chalet tonight but I couldn't even really enjoy it because I feel so crappy. He said he would buy dinner for my b-day. He was told it should come in 40 minutes or it is free. Well we got it free but still gave the girl a tip because it wasn't her fault. I had to pay for the tip. Nathan can buy dinner next week I guess. ;) This won't be a long post as I need to go lay down. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
Peace out!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Please no more puke!

That is how our day started. With seeing puke on Taylor's shirt and wondering hmmm did she puke last night? Of course she did. Don't most kids cry if they have puked in there beds. Not my kids they like to sleep in it. So now I am doing more sheets and duvets. We went to see my mom today. She is off bed rest and will be getting a pacemaker on Wednesday. She is in good spirits. She hates being sick and weak. I am so proud of how strong she has been through all of this. It must be so frustrating. At least now something is being done. So please continue to keep her in your prayers. Thank you to everybody who has already posted a comment or called to see how she is doing. We all appreciate it. Well that's all for me today. Here's to a day of no puke tomorrow.
Peace out!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Rewind

So we were off to Edmonton this weekend. We got our selves up on Friday morning. I packed pretty much everything, as usual. Went to get Taylor dressed she pukes on the floor. What would a post be without puke?! Uneventful trip till we got into Edmonton where Taylor pukes all over herself in her carseat. Let me tell you a car seat is not easy to clean on a side road. She then said she felt fine and we prceeded tp West Ed to shop for Abby. Then to meet Abby. Bri and Chrissy she is so beautiful. After a little visit with them off to Grandpa and Grandma's house. Where Taylor puked 2 more times in the drive way. I hope this puking thing is done. Chris's parents and a little birthday bash for Quinten on Saturday night. That was so nice of them. And today they had a birthday dinner for Tom and myself. Then home to visit my mom in the hospital. She is doing well and will know more tomorrow. She has been having problems with her heart and I'm pretty sure a pacemaker is needed. Please keep our family, especailly my mom, in your prayers. I love you mom.
Now I need to rest up because I think tomorrow could be a busy day. I will be cooking my first turkey. My parents had taken it out to cook tomorrow but obviously they can't so I get to. I really hope it is edible.
I'll keep you posted on how my mom is doing.
Peace out!

Friday, October 20, 2006

New computer

So this is my first post on our new computer. Our bedroom is a little crowded right now because Chris is finishing the basement. Once that is done the computer will be out of our room. Anyway that's all for now. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poop, Puke and lots of laundry

So after one good day we are back to the puke and poop. Once again Quinten puked in his bed and fell back asleep. This time he didn't wake up till 8:30am. Bathed him, cleaned his sheets. Found out he had diarreha to top it off. Put him back to bed and again diarreha but this time leaked in his bed. Change another set of sheets and outfits. We are on outfit #3 for him. Then Taylor came over to me with down her leg and on her pj bottoms. I thought she had leaked but later I found a little surprise. Showered her off, new clothes, wash more stuff. That was at 11:00am. It is now 3:00pm. I found a little log of poop in amongst the toys and a smear on the carpet. Don't worry, everything has been sanatized. How do I get so lucky. Well hopefully it gets better.
I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Better then Yesterday

Today was a much better day. No puke. Yeah! I took the kids to the mall this morning to get my extra pair of glasses fixed. As we were driving up our street I saw Purolator pulling away from our house. We had missed him, and our new computer, by minutes. So I guess tomorrow is the day. It will be so nice to have our own computer. Oh the things I will be able to do. I will never get any housework done. Okay yes I will because I can't seem to stand a mess lately. Till tomorrow.
Peace out!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thanks for the coffee

As you have probably read in my earlier post, my day didn't start all that great. A very special friend to me dropped by in this afternoon just to bring me a coffee. Thank you so much. I needed that. I am so thankful to have such great friends. And that they take the time to care. So again thank you.
And on a side note, the puking has not stopped. You know you're a mom when you get puked on and don't freak out. Hopefully tonight will be a puke free night.
Peace out!

Early morning

So my day has already begun. Actually it began at 5:00am,when I had to wake up Chris. I always find it hard to get back to sleep right away because it sounds like he is stopping around downstairs, with his shoes on. Then I have to lock the door behind him. As I was going back to bed I thought for some reason that I should check on Quinten. Well it's a good thing I did. He had puked in the middle of the night. Not just spit up but real puke. And there was a ton. All over him, because he had been sleeping in it, all over his stuffed animals, sheepy and blankets. He definitely needed a bath at this point. Seen as he had chunks of the stuff smushed in his hair. I get him bathed and changed and bring him into bed with me. All of sudden he starts heaving. Now I have puke all over me. So back into his own bed so that I can have a shower. This is all before 6:00am. Just as I'm getting out of the shower Taylor is yelling, from behind her door, that she has puked in her bed. So into the tub for her and another clean up of sheets for me. I have a feeling it is going to be a really long day. So for those of you out there that think Mom's have it easy because they get to stay home. Think again. Would you like to be puked on? I don't think so. I love staying home with my kids but I hate puke.
So that's the start of our day. I am now wide awake. Let's see what the rest of the day has in store.
No I didn't take any pictures of it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

More pictures

Taylor having fun on Quinten's new toy.
Next post has more pictures.
Keep scrolling for more pictures.

Lobb Birthday season

Well it is official. Lobb birthday season is coming to an end. Well at least the birthdays that I have to plan are done. I shouldn't have to plan my own. Although I'm sure I'll have to make dinner because my birthday is on a Tuesday. And every Tuesday I have Tuesday night dinner. For the party on Saturday I decided to do Monkey cupcakes. I took my brother Devin's advice and made them to look similar to the monkey cake. Don't worry I have pictures from the weekend. I think fun was had by all. We rented the kinder room at Southland Leisure center. It was great no clean up on my part. Didn't have to clean my house and then the leisure center staff cleans the room for the next booking. It was great. So that has been our weekend.
On another note. ***Viewer discretion is advised**** You know you have a problem when.... You fart and it is kind of smelly. And by kind of I mean very smelly. So this happened to me just as we were leaving for church. Taylor was standing looking at me like what just happened. Then she realized something didn't smell right. "What's that I smell mommy? I smell something." All while looking at me with disgust. She then ran to Chris quite upset because she was scared. Who knew I could have that affect. I would now like to apologize to anyone reading this that might be offended by the talk of bodily functions. I just thought it was funny. Come to think of it we had Indian food over at Joy and Darrin's last night. Hmmmm.
So that has been our weekend. I hope you all had a good one and will have a great week coming up. And come on baby Gallimore. I want to see you on Friday.
Peace out!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

And Now-Happy Birthday Quinten

Happy Birthday my sweet, smiley boy! Today he is 1 year old. No longer zero. We had these pictures taken for yesterday. I couldn't decide so I got this collage as well as 8 sheets of the bottom right picture. It was hard to pick because every picture he was smiling in. I tried to get pictures of both kids together but that didn't work out at all. I couldn't get them to sit still. Today Quinten learned how to climb out of his high chair. I was cleaning out the oven, and Ethan called for me. "Auntie Kirsten look at Quinten." There Quinten was standing on the top of his tray. I know the high chair came with straps but I have no idea where I put them. I guess I will have to use duct tape to strap him in. Then after breakfast I put him to bed in just his diaper, well I found him jumpinh around buck naked. What is with my kids and their diapers.
It kind of makes me sad that a year has already gone by. Soon he won't be a baby. It's amazing how much he has grown in the last year. Again Happy Birthday QuinQuin! We love you!


Quinten's first few days of life. One year ago today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pumpkin hunt

The pictures are kind of backwards. I think this goat is pregnant. Keep scrolling down there is more pictures.

More pumkin hunt pictures

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Broken Bed

Well it has happened. Our bed frame has bit the dust. Chris bounced on it one too many times. He was throwing Taylor around on it and the frame snapped. He always jumps on the bed so I am surprised that it didn't happen sooner. Now we have one of those stylish low beds. I don't know about you guys, but we put stuff under our beds. Now we have to find spots for Christmas presents, luggage bags, and Taylor's toddler bar for her bed. Although she has that on her floor to keep the monsters out.
I had the kids annual check ups today. Taylor is 28 pounds and 36 inches. I did this height predictor on baby center. It said that Taylor, at the age of 18, would be 5 feet 9 inches. Give or a take a few inches. Maybe she will have some kind of growth spurt. At the rate she is growing I find it hard to believe she will be taller than Chris. But I guess you never know. Anyway, Quinten is 19 pounds fully clothed at still 27 1/2 inches. He has his 1 year shots on Friday and they weigh babies naked so it will give us more of an accurate measurement. He was 17 lbs. 12 oz. last month. So who knows maybe he did have a growth spurt, or those are some really heavy clothes and diaper. Well I had better get back to organizing my pictures. Here are some pictures before I go of the pumpkin hunt and others from this weekend. Never mind I can't get it to work. Maybe tomorrow.
Peace Out!

Monday, October 09, 2006

New Computer!

So we finally are getting our own computer. I will be able to give this one back to work. That means Christmas is coming early for us. It should be here in a couple of weeks. I really wanted to do a compiled video of Quinten for his first year. We did one for Taylor up to her dedication, mostly while she was in the hospital for those 2 weeks. So I was getting ready to do it and the computer wouldn't let me load our video camera. It let me load the editing program but I can't get the images on to the computer. That poses a problem, when it comes to making a video. So now I will just have to wait to do the video. Sorry Quinten, I wanted it to be done by your birthday on Thursday. Once we get the vidoe done I will post it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I am so thankful for so much. God has definitely blessed us.
The weekend was great. It was so nice to spend time with Jordan and Kristen. I wish Devin could have been here. I am especially glad that they were able to spend time with Taylor and Quinten. Taylor loves playing with her Uncles and Auntie. Quinten does too but doesn't quite get it yet. The pumpkin hunt was fun. I think Quinten got one of the bigger pumpkins so then of course we had to carry him and 2 big pumpkins. Pictures to follow. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Peace out!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Monkey cake

So I made a monkey cake for Quinten's party on Friday. I am doing a monkey theme for the kid party as well, but this cake took a lot of time to make. And it is a lot of cake for kids. I was thinking about making cupcakes. I am telling you all this because I need some ideas on how to decorate them. I've found a few web sites with ideas but I was wondering what you all thought. If you have an idea let me know. I would love to hear from you. (I'm no cake decorator so don't make fun if you think I suck.)

Friday, October 06, 2006

QuinQuin's First of 2 parties

So today was a crazy busy day. First I met Joy at 6:30 am. Yes am people. I haven't gotten up for that time for a very long time. We had to pick up the halloween decorations and then back to the office to decorate till 3:00pm. Then off home I went to tidy up for Quinten's family and some friends party. His kid party is on Sat. Oct. 14th. He hasn't been feeling well so he was a tad bit cranky. He still managed to eat a very large piece of cake. It was nice to spend the evening with family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

Quinten eating a full piece of pizza.

Quinten starting to eat his cake. He got pretty messy but not as messy as Taylor, for her 1st birthday. She tried eating the plate and had cake everywhere. All over her face, clothes and hair. Luckyly we were outside. No such luck for Quinten. He made quite the mess on him and the floor. Most of him eating his cake is on video. We gave him a huge piece. Most adults don't eat that big of a piece. He barely wasted any of it. That's my boy. I can't believe he will be 1 year old on Thursday. Where has the year gone? Hopefully next weekend he won't be as cranky.

I couldn't post pictures of Quinten and not Taylor. Here she is jumping. That a picture of me jumping mommy is what she said. So here it is. She is concentrating so hard.

Tomorrow is the pumpkin hunt. Will update after.

Later. Peace Out!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Car names

We were out this morning, as a family, driving around. Chris out of the blue asked if I remember what all our car names were. I don't know if anybody else out there names there cars but we do. We've had 4 cars each with their own unique name. Our first car was a blue buick centruy named blue shamoo. Number 2 car was a grey plymouth reliant called sharky. Third was a red toyota paseo that went by the name cherry bomb. And our truck we have now is a black nissan pathfinder that goes by black stallion. I know you all probably think we are weird. At least we are weird together. So I made QuinQuin's cakes today. I had to make a double batch of the chocolate cake. I'm making a monkey cake so it requires a lot of layers. As I was in the middle of making the second batch my mixer died on me. I could tell it was falling apart and probably wouldn't last much longer but I thought I would at least get through making the cakes. Let me tell you, using a mixer is way easier than using a whisk. So tomorrow I will have to go do some more shopping. I love to shop so it isn't a problem.
We went shopping for shoes for The Boy today and left with shoes for Chris. I'm having a hard time finding shoes for Quinten that I like. Although there isn't a lot for boys out there. I know that I am picky so the search will continue.'
Tomorrow Jordan and Kristen come home. Yeah! I mut finish laundry before they get home.
Time to clean.
Peace out!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today was a day full of shopping. First I went to Safeway for 10% Tuesday. My cart was so full. I haven't paid that much for groceries, other than Costco, for a long time. Then home to unload, with the help of Taylor. She lined up all the non fridge or freezer stuff. Then it was off to pick our appliances. I can't wait to have our new house. We picked stainless steel. I didn't get my side by side with water and ice, fridge. They are super duper expensive. I love crushed ice so it was hard to not get that kind of fridge. We did get a freezer on the bottom type. Front loading washer, and I think this is Chris's favorite, the gas stove. It is pretty nice. Microwave that goes above the stove. And a plain old dishwasher, nothing special. Now that I've bored everyone. Then it was off to Toy's R Us to get Quinten a birthday present. I could have spent a ton of money. He will have lots of birthday's to buy stuff for. Unfortunately he might have to get shoes now that he is a walking machine. J&K come home in 2 days. Actually less than 2 days. I'm not sure if they know but I am extremely excited to see them.
Well it has been a busy day and I need to take a break. I don't think I've sat down except to sit in the car. I will write more tomorrow. Tomorrow is baking day. Pies and cake.
Peace out!

Monday, October 02, 2006

All Smiles, all the time

So it has been a few days since I last wrote a post. Not too much that is overly exciting has happened. We've been busy. Sunday we walked in the Race for a Cure. It was pretty cold but we still had a good time. Then today I worked. I had a lot of driving to do and man there are some crazy stupid drivers out there. It seemed as though everywhere I went there was a bad driver. Argh it was so frustrating. But then I got home and I saw my 2 smiley kids and my road rage disappeared.
Tomorrow is 10% Tuesday. It's a good thing because we need groceries badly. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little but we do need food. Produce doesn't last forever you know. Plus I have some serious pumpkin pie making to do so I need all the stuff for that. And of course I need to make 2 more cakes. It's The Boys turn now. He will be 1 on the 12th. I can't believe how fast this past year went. We can't seem to keep him in one stop. He will be running before we know it. All he wants to do is walk. That means he gets in Taylor's way and she isn't so fond of that. She has been cracking us up lately with her sayings and her singing and dancing routines. We were privileged to see a performance yesterday. Of course we got it on tape. Anyway I'm sure I'll have more exciting things to write about in the next couple of days. We get to pick out our appliances tomorrow. It could be really interesting. Hopefully we can agree on what we get. And one final thing, Jordan and Kristen come home in 3 days. Yahoo!
Peace Out!