Thursday, October 06, 2011

Just call me Mommy beardie

I think I would make a good lizard mom. Puff has kind of taken over our attention. Of course we still have our everyday stuff to do but the household stuff is slow to get done. If I can't find the kids or even Chris I know where to look. We can't get enough of holding Puff or feeding her. It's pretty cool to watch her eat.

We've already had her make a run for it. Taylor was holding her and Puff jumped off her leg. Freedom! We did get her back into the tank safely after she hung out under the dresser.

All in all the whole family is loving having a bearded dragon. Spencer did ask when she'll breath fire. He's convinced she needs to be a bit older.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

New baby in the house

On facebook I posted that the Lobbster shack is welcoming a new baby. It's amazing how many comments even phone calls I have received wondering if we're having another baby. Sorry no more human babies can come out of our shack. (that doesn't sound very good.)

Taylor has been wanting a lizard for the last year and today was the day she was able to get her birthday present. A baby bearded dragon. It's very cute. She has named it Puff the bearded dragon. We don't know if it's a girl or boy. And apparently it's hard to tell till they are older.

The whole family is pretty excited about having a new pet. We have all held Puff and plan to so it get's used to all the attention. In the summer we can take Puff outside for walks and stuff.

The only down side to having a lizard is the crickets. We already had 3 get out of the cricket keeper. But they were caught very quickly. Blech I hate bugs.

Here is a picture of our new pet.