Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Man I've been a blogging slacker lately.
We had a great Christmas with a house full of people. We've been hanging out with friends. Having some great times. Not much else to report. I don't even have any Christmas poop stories.
Maybe I'll have more to report tomorrow after I run a race tonight and go to the hockey game. Go Flames! Until then I'll leave you with some pictures.

Okay so no pictures right now. I can't seem to get it to work. I'll try again later.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twas the week before Christmas

I was thinking about this poem and thought I would re-create it but it is pretty long and really I just don't have the time to sit and do it. So I thought I would start it off and hopefully we'll have people joining in with their comments. The kids are starting to get very excited and wired so you can probably see where I was intending it to go.

Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the house,
all the creatures were stirring, but hope there's no mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that Silly Santa soon would be there; (we've been practicing "s" words with Quinks hence the silly santa)
The Lobbsters were jumping on top of their beds
While visions of candy canes danced in their heads;

And that's as far as I've gotten. I'm looking forward to seeing the creativity from all you blog readers. This could be fun.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Come on grow

Today was a weight check up for Spencer. I thought for sure he was going to be at least 20 pounds. Especially with the good weight gain he had at the end of October. No such luck. He is 18 and half pounds. We still need to measure his length. He still not on the charts but our Doctor seems to think that is where he will stay. I thought Quinks was a lightweight. Maybe he'll be the super tall kid. OKay I know crazy thought but one can dream right? So I guess now on top of shoving food at him he'll have to start eating sticks of butter. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another change

I figured with the snow we got and the freezing cold weather that came with it, the current background is appropriate.

I was reminded at my eye appointment this week about what Quinten said about my eye pictures. The doc said he hasn't forgotten it and it keeps him laughing. I think the kid is obssesed with boobs, already.

Anyway I know sometimes we all need a little laugh. And if that is you today think about what Quinten said and imagine how embarrased I was.

Have a great, hopefully not too cold, Monday.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Been awhile

I guess it is that time again. Posting time. I got my braces off on Friday and now am the proud owner of 2 retainers. So if you call don't be surprised when I sound funny.
I feels so good to have them off. And no glasses, well most of the time. I think the left contact isn't quite right. But it has only been a week so I am still getting used to them again.
Anyway pictures to follow. I've kind of been a slacker on those.

Oh and the poop monster keeps striking! The magic tape needs to be found.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poop Monster #2

It must be in our genes for our kids, well mostly the boys, to take off their diapers. Spencer has spent the last couple of days in a sleeper so that I don't have to keep cleaning his bedding. Seriously what is the fascination. And it's not only taking the diaper off but playing with the poop. I might have to pull out my roll of preventative measure. :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I'm well on my way to looking like an adult again. I got contacts again yesterday. Trying to get used to them. I think the left eye might be a little off but the instruction sheet did say that things won't look as clear as with glasses. At least for a bit. And soon the braces will be off too. It's been 2 and half years since I got them on. It will be a great feeling to have them off. I have a whole list of things I want to eat when they come off. Eat a whole apple, not cut up, chew real bubble gum, eat a sub type sandwich, and so goes the list.
Anyway hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

All parents could write a book with all the things our kids say. I had an eye appointment this week and the assistant took a picture of my eyes which showed up on the doc's computer as 2 round things. Quinten kept talking about the doctor looking at my boobies all while I'm trying to get him to stop. As the doc was looking at the eye picture Quinten said it again. This time the doc heard him. He had never heard that one before but said Quinten was right they did look like boobs. Then gave him a high five. I guess his fixation has started already.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mixed emotions

Chris and I have been talking about going on a little vacation sans kids. We have never gone anywhere except camping, with little adventures. We talked about Mexico but I can't leave my babies for that long yet. So we decided on Las Vegas. I'm excited to go but also sad to leave my kids for 5 days. I haven't left them yet except when I was having them. I know Chris thinks I'm nuts but I'm still nursing Spencer (sorry if that is too much info for some people) and he is my last baby so this is a big deal for me. I don't expect many to understand but I know some will. I know this will be good for us to get away without the kiddos, but I'm still a Mom who's life revolves around her kids. At least I have 2 months to get myself ready.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A lost treasure

I was feeling some what motivated today so I tackled the junk cupboard. Everyone has one right? Well I'm glad I did because I found an untouched $25 Starbucks card. I'm sure the barista in the drive thru thought I was nuts. I acted as though I had one the lottery. Well the coffee lottery at least. It's been a great day so far. The kids have been pretty good today and then coffee that I didn't have to pay for all while listening to Christmas music. It's been good.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get ready

I'll be changing my background more often now that there are some really cute Christmas ones to choose from. And if you know me you will know I have a hard time making a decision. And now that I figured out how to change to font color(I must not have scrolled down far enough the last time I tried) that will be changing too.
I've not always been a fan of pink. For awhile I would not wear pink. Now as I become more girly I'm liking it. So I'll start off with a festive pink background.

How is your weekend going? We got a lot accomplished yesterday in the way of Christmas shopping. Thanks to my parents for taking care of Taylor and Quinten. Most appreciated. Only a few little things left. We've all got Christmas jammies. Even Chris got into the spirit, well sort of. His are green so it counts. I love being on top of things. Who knew I could be organized. Now to get the Christmas cards addressed and then start the baking. And can't forget decorating. I think tomorrow might be a good day for that.

Hope all is well with all the blog readers. Don't forget to drop us a line so we can pop by blogs we don't know about.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The crib....

is now fixed. On the railing that goes down there is a push sticker. It makes sense that it should be on the outside as to see it. Well when Chris originally put the crib together he put the hardware on backwards which means the push sticker faces into the crib. I was unaware of this so when I lowered Spencer's crib quite a few months ago I put it back together with the push sticker facing out. It appears as though we were lucky that the rail didn't come crashing down. So long story the crib is now fixed. And it might seem as though it was my fault when actually I think it might be a certain someones. :) Or maybe a combined effort.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's official

We've got a walker on our hands. Last night Spencer got up to 8 steps and today all he's been doing is walking, falling and getting back up to start it all over again.. Yeah Spencie! Way to go!

Monday, November 10, 2008

13 month old hulk

How is it that a 13 month, and not a big one at that, can break a crib. I think he has tried to climb it too manytimes and has pushed one of the important parts out. And I can't screw it back in. Hopefully Chris can fix it tonight, or we'll be sleeping in the same bed as Spencer. And of course the play pen is at my parents. Could be a restless night.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the story continues

The poop story that is. We were already to go this morning, everyone was dressed even not just in jammies. I went to grab Spencer and his diaper was half off and poop was spread over his blankets. If it's not one kid it's another. Hopefully it was an accident and we don't have another Quinten poop fascination kid, on our hands.
Other than that our day has been pretty good.

Monday, November 03, 2008

First sick day

We caved and let Taylor stay home today because we thought she was sick enough to do so. Once the medicine kicked in she ready to play. But being the tough parents we are ;) she had to spend the morning laying down on the couch and the afternoon in her bed. All we heard was how bored she was. I guess next time she'll want to go to school. Staying home sick is not fun and games. Although I think that's what she was hoping for. And next time we'll probably do what so many parents before us have done. Send her off unless there is puke or other unmentionable grossness.
Hope your Monday is finding you in fine form. On to Tuesday.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween post

My failed attempt at face painting. Needed better paints and a 3 year old to sit still.

I guess I should put up some pictures from halloween. We didn't take a lot. I find I get too caught up in getting the right pictures instead of enjoying our time as a family. The kids had a ton of fun, the weather was beautiful. I can't remember a halloween where jackets weren't needed. Spencer even got into it. He liked sampling what the other 2 got. Thanks to my Dad for coming to hand our candy out so that we could go trick or treating as a family.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My parents

They are wonderful parents.
Awesome Grandparents. I love how much time they spend with my kids and the effort they make to spend those times with them.
I can always count on them.
They make me feel special.
I love that they still call me Squirt.
The list can go on and on.
I'm feeling a little sentimental today and wanted my Mom and Dad to know how much I love them and appreciate them.

Love Squirt

(Now everyone knows my name)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is anybody there? Hello to all my blog lookers(can I say that, oh well I just did.) Maybe people are too afraid to comment. I'm trying to be a better commenter on other blogs. I hope everyone feels comfortable to drop us a line. Even if you don't have a blog it is still possible.
I'm interested to see who's reading about us.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New things

I was bored of the old template so decided a blog facelift was in order. Get used to seeing different backgrounds. I get bored easily.

We had a great weekend. And Quinten's halloween birthday bash was a success. The kids had a great time cookie decorating, mini trick or treating (pretty cold in my Wonder Woman costume) and movie watching complete with popcorn which then came with quite the mess. It was great to see all the parents getting into dressing up.

I leave you with a sampling of pictures.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a great day!

I have such a wonderful husband. Let me start off by saying last year's birthday wasn't the best. I had just had Spencer and got really sick which landed me back at the urgent care for a couple of days of iv antibiotics. A very painful way to spend a 30th birthday.
This year Chris surprised me with a day shopping with some friends, lunch, a pedicure and supper. I had all these plans for the day, as Quinten's party is tonight. I thought we were going out as a family and then to kids klub. Chris had arranged the day, with some help from Joy, Kathy, Karri and my Dad. A very big thank you to my friends and family for the awesome day. I felt like a queen. Then the evening was topped off with great food with great friends. I can't express in words how happy and excited I was. When I opened my card from Chris I cried. He is so thoughtful. I love you Sweets!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby hair no more

Spencer went for his first hair cut today. Not much to say about it. No tears during the cut, only laughs. She even used the clippers. He doesn't look as baby like. Although he is still my baby, and will be for awhile.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another wee one

We had Quinten and Spencer's annual check ups. Spencer also had to have is weight checked because of the weight loss and drop on the charts. My doc isn't super concerned but wants us to keep feeding Spencer lots and then come back in 2 months to have another look. And that is a big deal for our doctor to do a follow up. He was saying Spencer shouldn't be less then the last time he weighed him. Which was almost 4 months ago. He also hasn't gained at all in the last month. Which is wierd to us. We've been feeding him tons. I feel like I'm shoving the food at him. I'm not concerned about it. He's a happy kid, who loves to eat. Sometimes more than his siblings.
Quinten is 26 1/2 pounds and 35 inches. Spencer 17lbs 10 oz and 28 3/4 inches.
I would like to know the secret to eating whatever one wants and not gaining anything. Not good for a baby but good for me. :)
Have a great night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Little things excite me

We've been doing yearly pictures of the kids well for about 5 years now. Okay more often in the first 2 years but whatever. In the past we've gone to Sears, which ends up costing us what seems like a fortune. I figured we could try doing it ourselves, so off we traipsed to Fish Creek park. We got some good ones of Quinks and Spencer, and Taylor but we didn't go planning for her yearly ones. She gets school pictures. Anyway, I put the pics into photo shop made my own wallets and such. I have to say I am very impressed at how they turned out and the cost is amazing. What would have probably cost us $200, if not more, cost us $22. I think we ordered 26 sheets. So you see that is what has got me excited this evening. I love when a plan works out. I'll leave you with a sample, although I think the actual printed copies look better.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Quinks!

Well the last of the kids birthday's is today. Happy Birthday to my middle baby Quinten! Today he is 3 years old. We will be having his party in a couple of weeks.

Quinks you are a special kid. You make us laugh, are sensitive, yet goofy. We love who you aare becoming and look forward to see you grow and learn over the next year.

I get pretty sentimental at this time of year. I know that is so shocking to most of you. :) I know I'm done at 3 but it is kind of sad that there won't be anymore little Lobbsters added to our family. I am very lucky to have the 3 I've got. They are great kids even when they are fighting.

I'm very thankful for them and my great husband.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Taylor has reached the age that she notices what commercials are all about. If we see something she'll let us know that was on a commercial on tv. Today I found her with a straw in an orange trying to drink it. I was informed that she wanted some orange juice and that's how they do it on the commercial. Great not only do I need to sensor what shows she watches but now commercials? At least she hasn't tried shaving lately or anything serious. Or even asking for all the toys on tv. It could be worse.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencie!

One year ago today my water broke and was rushed into deliver our precious baby boy Spencer. It's hard to believe a year has gone by already. We are so lucky to be blessed with 3 great kids. Spencer you have completed our family. When you're around it's hard not to smile. You are such a happy kid. I look forward to seeing what you will be like over the next year. Will you sleep as much? (He sleeps a lot right now. I would say more than the average 1 year old.)When will you walk? All those type of fun things. What a wonderful year it has been.

Spencer had his 1 year shots today. The nurse was a little concerned with his weight gain so our doc had to be notified. At 9 months he was 17lbs 12 oz, 10 months 17lbs 2 oz and today 17lbs 10oz. He has also fallen off the chart. I guess when a baby goes down more than 2 percentiles they notify the doctor just to make sure there isn't something wrong. I don't think anything is wrong. He eats alot, sleeps alot and is happy. So I see no reason to be concerned. He's probably just little.

I love you Spence!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday My Girl!

My baby girl is 5 today. Okay so I guess she's not a baby anymore but she'll always be my baby. All my kids will. I was reminiscing last night about when she was born. My water broke 6 weeks early on Tuesday and Taylor was born on Wednesday night. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I used to think older people were nuts when they would say stuff like that, but it is so true. And I'm not old by any means.
Taylor was pretty calm this morning about it being her birthday but she was pretty excited to be able to take a special birthday snack for all the kids in the class. And again she was very thankful for the bear cookies.
We love you sweetie and are so proud of who you are becoming.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More party planning

I've got a little girl who is turning 5 this week, so cookies have been made (not decorated yet) for schoo on Wednesday. Cookies for the loot bags for Spencer's party and then cupcakes and more cupcakes. A barn door to make. Presents to buy. Invitations to Quinks party. And the list goes on. 2 more parties this weekend and then a break for a few weeks till Quinks party at the end of October. Although we will do something on his actual birthday. So that is how my week is going to go. Oh and I have to fit in a hair appointment.

I will not be cutting my own hair. If you haven't heard or seen the pictures, I tried to cut Quinten's hair. Chris normally does it and does a good job at it, but Chris is working non stop lately so I thought I would try the hair cutting thing. I should never try again. I found out after that fact the I used the wrong atttachment ,too short I guess and it doesn't stay on, found that out the hard way. So now Quinten has a very short cut. Okay it's buzzed. He looks really cute with it and he is starting to like it. That night he kept asking for it to be put back on. Oh well a hairdresser I am not. Jenn you make it look easy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing not just my mind

We have been walking to and from school and normally on the way to school it is pretty chilly. Yesterday I managed to lose 2 of Spencer's socks, found one. And then today Spencer kicked off his yellow blanket, found it and then it must have happened again because we didn't end up having it once we got home. How does that happen? Wouldn't I notice it as I ran it over with the stroller? And it's yellow so it doesn't really blend in with anything. I must be losing my mind too. Maybe we'll find it when we walk back to get Taylor.
I wonder how the day is going to go if I'm already losing things.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweets!

I know it's almost the end of the day but it's been a busy one. I love you more than a few words can say. I hope you had a great day!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

2 down....3 to go

Taylor's party was a success. I love planning for the kids parties and getting ready. It's a lot of work but so worth it when they come down in the morning and their faces just light up when they see how the house has been decorated etc. The preparations all started on Thursday with making cupcakes and decorating which took about 7 hours to do. A late night that night and then the decorating on Friday night. Which was another late night. Thankfully I have a great friend who came to my rescue to help me out. I would have been blowing balloons forever it seems. Thanks Andrew for your help. House decorated complete with a ballon arch, streamers, red carpet, balloons everywhere. Taylor was very excited. She hasn't stopped thanking me for everything. I guess I underestimated how appreciative a 5 year old could be. As the kids arrived they got a crown and a wand or sword. They had fun making their own pizzas, decorating goblets, drinking Shirley Temples (they were all so excited to have pop), cake eating, pony riding and present opening. Oh and I can't forget the sword and wand fighting. Ethan asked me if they could prince and princess. I was informed how it's played. The boys(princes) play fight with the sword and the girls(princess) boss them around. Too funny.
Chris' birthday is tomorrow so I had a few people over at night to celebrate. I think a good time was had by all, Hey guys!
Now on to getting everything for Spencer's (2 parties. 1 kid and then cake with the whole fam. Something I did for the other 2.) and then Quinten's.
I'll leave you with some pictures of the fun times.

There were kids at the party but I haven't asked permission to post there pictures.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


As promised pictures of the kids. 11 month old ones of Spencer, first day of school and some of the kids wearing there build a bear animals' clothes.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Come and Gone

The day was a success. No tears from Taylor till I picked her up. She was sad she couldn't bring her new indoor shoes home. Us girls know that when you get new shoes you want to wear them all the time. She had lots of fun and is looking forward to tomorrow.
This getting up early thing is going to get old real quick though. Somebody was a little bit sleepy this afternoon. She'll get used to get up early sooner or later.
Hope every body's first day went off with out a hitch.
Pictures to come. Too busy invitation making.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm not sure if Taylor is super excited or just can't sleep but it is almost 10 and she is still wide awake.
Tomorrow is the day that 90210 sort of airs again. Every Wed when the original 90210 was on, Jordan and I would watch it together. I'll have to give this round a try. I wonder if he will be watching too?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So normally a title like that would be a cause for concern but it's a yeah for poop. Quinten was dry and no poop in his gaunch. I was pretty excited that he did it in the potty. YEah Quinks! We're so proud of you. Hopefully my poop cleaning up days are over till the next poo crazy kid. Please let Spencer be disgusted by the stuff. Quinten did enough for a bunch of kids.

Have a super hump day tomorrow!

1 week

My baby goes to school in 1 week. I hope she continues to be excited about it. There will be less tears that way. I'm finding it hard to believe that she is turning 5 in about a month. Wow were has the time gone.
My middle baby is doing pretty well with potty training, except for the pooping. Why is that one so hard? Can't believe he is almost 3.
And my youngest baby is getting close to full on walking. And he is almost 1. Just call me a party planning Mama.
At least with Lobbster birthdaypalooza coming up I'll have lots to post about.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Woohoo Visitors!

My youngest bro and his fiance will be arriving tomorrow around this time. I'm pretty excited. I haven't seen either of my brothers since Christmas. I wish we could all be together as a family. Devin and Liz I hope you're prepared for a week full of me. I plan on seeing you as much as possible. We will get to see Kristen in October, right in the middle of birthdaypalooza. Too bad Jordan won't be joining her. Who knows when we'll get to see him next. Anyone want to donate there airmiles? :)
Potty training is going fairly well. Okay except for the pooping. But we went out yesterday and today and Quinks was dry the whole time. Woohoo! On to only 1 in diapers.
Well I should probably do something. Not feeling very motivated lately. When the weather is crappy I feel like curling up and watching a movie or right now the Olympics, with my punks instead of cleaning and laundry.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time Flies

I'm a bad blogger. I've been home since Sunday and I haven't blogged yet. I'll try to be better. Camp was good. Still trying to catch up on sleep but the late nights were worth it.
My baby aslo took his first steps a few days ago. But now he is being stubborn. When I stand him up he just laughs and looks at me with this silly little grin. As if to say I know what to do but don't feel like it.
We've also started potty bootcamp for Quinks. He's done well so far. Dry through the night and naps. And we even went out for a few hours today and had him in underwear. Crazy I know. We're armed with skittles and lots of underwear. I'm crossing my fingers that it sticks.
Taylor starts school in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself from crying. My baby is growing up so fast.
Well I should get back to the mountain of laundry. Will it ever end?
Have a great hump day!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sad day

Tonight I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. All along it hasn't seemed real that they were moving. Today it is all too real. Man I am going to miss you Karri, Chris, Jacob, Nathan and baby Sarah. We have been truly blest with such great friends. All of our friends. Lucky for my Chris we have free long distance cause I will probably be phoning during the day lots.
Then to add to the saddness I don't know when the next time I will get to see my brother Jordan. Seriously why do people keep moving away. Luckly we still have some more great friends left.
I think my count down to Ontario will begin very soon.
We love you guys!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Weighing in

On Friday we took Spencer to get weighed. So at 10 months he is 17 lbs 2 oz (down 10 oz.) and 28". Taylor and Quinten didn't want to be left out of the whole weighing experience. Quinks is 26 lbs and 34 1/2"(I think) and Taylor is 37lbs and 40 1/2". We thought that Spencer was going to be our heavier kid but not so now. Tallest at this age yes but not heaviest. I guess we just grow them small.
I don't have much to tell. We are going to Spamelot tomorrow so maybe I'll have something interesting to tell after that.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Happy Heritage Day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Mom! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Baaaack

We had a great vacation. Although with kids is it still called a vacation. Anyway it was time away. The weather was awesome. We haven't always had great weather when we've gone to Penticton. It was great to just hang out, soak up the rays. Actually I didn't soak up a lot of rays as I was the one to spend a lot of time under the umbrella with Spencer. Chris likes to laugh at how much darker he is than me. I just don't tan dark. You'd think he would know this as he has to see my pastey white skin all year round. Next year I'll probably be darker but wishing I could sit under the umbrella cause I'll be chasing a 18 month old all over the beach.
All in all it was a great vacation. Pictures soon once I go through them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Penticton here we come. Can't wait to lay on the beach. Okay who am I kidding. I've got 3 kids I don't think I'll be laying on the beach. But it will be great to bask in the sun.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Confirmed Diagnosis

I do indeed have an IT band injury. Matthew, the physio guy, worked on it, gave me some exercises to do and sent me on my merry way. I shouldn't have to go back to see him unless I feel I need some more ultrasounding and electro thingying. Which by the way felt quite funky. And the thing I was happy to hear is that he said to take a week off and then start slowly running again. Meaning run/walk. He seemed to think that after being pregnant the muscles and such tightened up more than normal.
I can't wait to get back to running.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Race

The race started off really well. I felt great. Chris and I were going at a good and comfortable pace. I started to feel a twing of pain. At around 10k took a bathroom break and off we went well my knee decided no thanks. My knee injury was back and worse than before. I was in a lot of pain but I hobbled my way through the finish line. Chris figured we were on pace to finish at around 2 hrs 10 min. My goal was 2 hrs 30 min. I know that I finished and that in itself is an accomplishment but I am very disappointed and frustrated in how it went. I've trained really hard the last 5 months. Starting from getting back into running to being ready to run this race. I've had mostly positive comments and everybody has been really encouraging. It just plain old sucks right now. Hopefully the physio will help and I'll be back running and training for the next race, once I'm healed.
Chris was awesome. So encouraging along the way as I was crying and fighting to finish. He kept reminding me of what I've done to get to this point and the accomplishments I've made. I love him so much and I'm so thankful for him.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Parade, naps, Stampede and food

Yesterday we got up at the unpleasant hour of 5:00am. I haven't been up that early for a long time and I'll be doing it again tomorrow. The parade was good. The kids love going so getting up early is worth it. Although we still didn't get there early enough to get a curb seat. We had to wait till the intersections were closed. Next year I guess we'll have to send Chris to camp out. :)
The parade was followed by naps for everyone, even me the non napper. After that refresher we got ourselves to the stampede grounds. A few rides were enjoyed by the kids, corn dogs for the wee ones, cotton candy for the kiddlets, bbq beef sandwich thing for Chris, lemonade, Cowboy beef sundae for me followed up with mini donuts which I will mention are not all gone. And I love mini donuts but restrained. Quinten does not share my love of mini donuts. He had one and said no thank you yucky(actually it came out as lucky but we knew what he meant). Who doesn't like mini donuts?
So a good day was had by all. Today will be a relaxing day followed by the stampede concert at church.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thanks Y'all! (In the spirit of Stampede)

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me. And for all the positive comments.
And especially to my best friend, my husband, who hates running but is supporting me by running with me. He said he would even be my water and energy substance carrier. What a guy! Love you Sweets!

And as an added note the running attire has now changed. I bought a running skirt. Who's girly now?

Happy parading and stampeding! I'm like a little kid when it comes to the parade, even though we have to be up at the crack of dawn.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

4 days to go

The big race is in 4 days. I'm feeling pretty good about it. Hopefully the knee holds up for me. I've got my gels ready, and being a such a chick I already have what I'm going to run in picked out. See I am girly.

I forgot to post on Monday. Spencer is now 9 months old weighing in at 17 lbs 12 oz and 27 1/2 inches. At least that is what we got him as. He goes tomorrow for his 9 month check so I'm sure the Doc will be more accurate.

Well I'm feeling kind of tired. Must...go...lay...down.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spoke too Soon

In my last post about poop I mentioned that we hadn't had any trouble with Quinten. That all changed the other day. It was all over the floor, the mattress (which he had peed on earlier so everything was off the mattress). Let me say gross! Then today we were at Wal-Mart Quinten was sitting on the handle/canopy part of the stroller. Next thing I know Taylor is freaking out about having poop on her arm. Quinten had a big time mess. It was coming out of everywhere it seemed. All over him, all over the stroller and a bit on Taylor. And of course I had left the diaper bag at home. Wipes, pull-ups and disposable change pads were added to the purchase. There Quinten was being changed on the tail gate where everyone could see. Poor kid.
So it was an interesting night. Did anything interesting happen to any of you? I'd like to hear some interesting stories.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trading 4 for 2

A bit ago Taylor decided she didn't want training wheels. Off they came but with our crazy weather she hasn't had much time to practice. Today she officially became a 2 wheelin' 4 year old. We're both so proud of her.
And yesterday at soccer she took the ball away from the other team. That is huge. She doesn't really get in there because she doesn't want to take the ball from anybody. Gotta love that. So those of you who have seen her play soccer know how big of a deal this was. You should have seen the huge and I mean huge smile she had on her face. Could make a mother cry. Okay so I did. I'm so proud of my girl. I'll post some pictures later.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rockband is Awesome

I truly suck at it. I'm not a natural like Chris. Dani ordered us a set/copy, not sure what to call it, for our wii. It's a lot of fun. Practicing is in order.

Today I'm off to do the dreaded bathing suit shopping once again. Wish me luck. This post baby body is proving to be hard to cover up the right way, so I feel comfortable and not an old lady.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's that time of year

I love this time of year. The weather is starting to get hot, the kids can play outside till they wear themselves out. It's all around great. Except for the sneezing, watery/itchy eyes and runny nose. I thought this year I was going to escape allergies. Nope. All the rain just delayed it for us. After this mornings run I am feeling the itchyness. I know that I am allergic to ragweed and our neighbours have their own garden of weeds, that I might add are getting to be as tall as I am. So maybe that's where I'm feeling it from. Who knows. Other than that things are great. Finally able to run again. The knee felt pretty good. 2 weeks to go till the half marathon and I think it's going to be a scorcher. That's it for now. Maybe something exciting will happen today. No pooping though I hope.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been too long...

since I wrote a post on poop.

Now that we are having some heat in our day the kids wanted to play on the slip and slide. Jacob and Nathan came over to partake. They were having fun till we heard Jacob say look out for the dog poop. Well we don't have a dog. Chris went out to investigate, the next thing I hear Taylor getting in trouble. She comes crying in followed by Chris trying so hard not to laugh. Now with all the poop stories I written you assume it was Quinten involved right? Wrong. Taylor took a crap right in the middle of the backyard. She even wiped. Chris of course was gagging too much so I had to pick up the poop and toilet paper. If she had to come in for the toilet paper why didn't she just go inside. The things that go through a kids head.

This is what we, plus both sets of Grandparents, got the kids for their Birthdays. I know their birthdays aren't till Sept and Oct but now is the time they can play with it. No riding has happened yet but tomorrow is the day. They still had fun playing on it and so did Chris and I. Yes the last picture Chris got a little stuck and of course my purse had to make an appearance.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More grass talk

Before we got our new grass cutting device we did not grasscycle. As a matter of fact the last time I cut the grass before getting our own mower, I had 11 1/2 bags of grass. I guess that'll happen when it rains constantly.

You may be asking yourself right now why is she telling us this. We all do things our own way and I don't want anyone to feel singled out for doing something differently. That was not the intention of my last post about grass.

P.S. I'm still having fun using the reel mower and getting a little added exercise.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dad's Day!

Especially to my favorite Dad and to my favorite Dad to my kids.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I can't believe it

Today was the day. I just happened upon it. It always seems that way when you aren't looking for something you can find it. If you go shopping with something in mind fat chance of finding it, at least that has been my experience. What did I get you ask? A Purse. That's right you heard right or I guess saw right. It's not an expensive purse but for my first one it's good. I thought about getting a fun color but went with black. I can always work my way up to others. I'm still getting used to the idea of having it. It might look funny tomorrow taking it to church. I can't stop laughing at myself while I'm carrying it. Maybe sometime I'll post a picture to prove I got one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Mower

We finally bought a new mower today. We had a hand me down electric one in our other house but it didn't get to come with us. We've been borrowing our neighbours lawnmower, but will no longer have to. We didn't get a fancy gas or electric. It's a good ol' reel mower. I actually had fun cutting the grass tonight.

Day 3 of potty training went well. Quinten was dry the last 2 nights hopefully tonight it continues.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is going on?

I'm starting to wonder if I should pull the winter clothes back out. This weather is starting to really suck. I know that out east they are feeling a bit differently. I don't want the crazy humid weather but some sun would sure be nice. At least we haven't had to water the grass yet or our new bushes/plant things/shrubs. (Not sure what category they are in) Although I did see someone watering there new grass, while it was raining. Can you say over kill?
I hope wherever you are that you are having a great day, whatever kind of weather.
I just thought a really big bonus for this weather. Quinte has been forced to stay inside so we are trying to potty train him. He was dry all night last night and so far all day too. Except for poops. At least it's not on the floor. Sorry no poop stories.

Monday, June 09, 2008


To all my peeps out there, HOLLA!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

lawn mowing

Who mows the grass at your house?

I mowed today and because of all the rain I think it might have been longer than last weeks mowing. We cannot let it get that long again. It's going to have to be a twice a week job. I knew that our yard was bigger than our last house but seriously, it felt like I was mowing forever. I might be exaggerating a bit.

Now back to the packing.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All grown up

Tomorrow is the parent meeting for Kindergarten. Which means I'm growing up. I find it hard to believe that I am Mom to someone who will be going to kindergarten in a matter of months. Taylor is really excited about going in the fall so I hope she feels the same way when the day actually comes. I've already told Chris that I won't be going alone. Not sure if it is apparent but I can be a bit emotional. ;) I'll probably need his shoulder to cry on.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Just curious

I've tried out a few features on my sidebar. I'm curious as to where people are coming from to read our blog. So far I like the one I added today the best. Now I need to try and update more often. Don't be afraid to drop us a line.

A question for today: How is it that 2 little kids can make such a mess in just a couple of hours? Argh!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stop growing up

Our kids are growing way too fast. Now that Spence can pull himself up to furniture has figured out how to walk along. He's not fast. But he's growing up too fast. I'm really going to miss all of these different stages.
Speaking of babies I forgot to mention in my previous posts about our friends that lost their twins, but were pregnant again. They had a healthy baby boy a couple of weeks. I know they'll make great parents. Continue to keep them in your prayers. Thanks!

Now that I have 5 weeks till I do it, I'll say that I am doing the Stampede half marathon. I'm a little nervous about it that I won't be quite ready, but then other days I think I will be. It should be interesting. I'm really enjoying running. Chris will be doing it with me, and he hates running but wants to support me. What a great husband. I don't take him for granted.

Well that's all for now. Happy Monday to all!

Friday, May 30, 2008

8 months old

8 months today. Wow! Where has the time gone? He now weighs in at 17lbs and measures in at 27 1/2 inches. He is an inch and a half bigger than the other 2 were at this age and 1/2 pound heavier. Maybe we have a future NBA star. Okay who am I kidding, the tall genes aren't that strong.

Today is the first day in a long time that I feel caught up around the house. I'm sure that will change very quickly tomorrow. I guess it helps when the kids play outside most of the day.

I'll leave you all with a few pictures. Must take more pictures been a bit of a slacker lately.
Taylor is big into measuring lately.This is how I am greeted after naps and the morning. He is so proud of himself.