Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better, much better

Boy am I glad that this week has been better for the Quinkster.
Chris won Flames hockey tickets just before Christmas so we decided to put them in Quinten's stocking. The game was last night and we were really hoping for good behavior this week so we didn't have to take the game away. Needless to say he was able to enjoy his first NHL game. He had a blast. It was a late night for him but it was so worth it. Especially to see how beaming he was.
I also think the weather is helping everyone's mood. How can you not feel better when it's above 10 degrees. Not looking forward to more winter that's fo sho.

Anyway I'm off to do more laundry. A certain 3 year old decided to wipe his own bum which resulted in a fail. Which also resulted in poop smears on both boys bedding. Good times!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

There's a hole in the wall dear Liza, dear Liza....

We've had quite the trying week with the Q man. Let's just say the first part was good but then Wednesday hit and all hell(sorry) broke loose. We found out that he hasn't been on his best behavior at school Mon, Tues and Wed. Not sure why his teacher waited till Wed to tell us but whatever. Let's just say after numerous time outs, bedroom bound time away (him not me), buckets of tears, various items being thrown at the bedroom door, hot sauce and a hole in the wall I was very glad to drop the boys off at my parents house on my way to work. I will say something good did come from it. I've learned not to react to his behavior. I let hearing a 5 year old tell me how terrible a mom I was beat me down. So of course I reacted and yelled which in turn made it worse.
The rest of the week got better and we're thinking positively that next week will be even better and we'll get positive reports from his teacher.

I will say I felt like I had failed as a parent. Please tell me I'm not alone. Any stories out there?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi my name is Kirst.....

and I'm not a neat freak. In fact the past few days we've been living in the land of stuff everywhere. Not sure how it happened but it looks like a laundry bomb and a toy bomb went off. Tomorrow is operation getter done. So by tomorrow night I should be feeling better about how the house looks. And will be feeling better about the weather. Woohoo for chinooks. Anyway just a quick post now to get the kids into bed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Never say Never

Why did I have to open up my big mouth about our family not being sick? Argh! Quinten usually gets a sore tummy but woke up at 11 and I had to lay with him for a few hours. He was finally asleep, so I finally got to sleep when I hear puking in the bathroom, where I find Taylor. But then also find a large amount on her floor and bed. That wasn't just a wipe up job had to bring out the big guns and use the steam cleaner. Now I'm crossing my fingers she is the only one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One for the record books

Bedtimes are not an easy thing around here. We are very lucky to have kids that have slept through the night at an early age and they also like to sleep in. Good on weekends bad during the week. We however were not blessed in the east bedtime area. It seems to be such a fight with all 3. Tonight however was different. My Dad was here watching the boys while Taylor and I were at gymnastics. Me working her training. Anyway, normally when I get home they are still awake and then want snuggles etc from me. Tonight my Dad had both asleep. Amazing. Now comes the oldest. Normally she wants to watch tv before bed on gym nights. You see we get home at 9:00pm and her bedtime is normally 8:30. Sometimes I give in because she is complaining about how she misses out by being at gym. Seriously kid you don't know how lucky you are to have the opportunity to do gymnastics. Again anyway, rambling a little. She walked upstairs right to bed and fell right asleep without changing. She did mention at the gym that she felt sick and that she might puke. Thankfully no pukes. But YEAH for easy bedtimes. Now time for me to put my feet up as the craziness continues tomorrow.

Nighty night!

I also need to say how thankful I am for my parents helping out by watching the kids when both Chris and I have to work. It is very much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad, bad, bad me

I'm not one to make official resolutions so here is an unofficial one. To blog more often. I know I've said it before but this time I'm really going to try. In all fairness we've had some computer problems so even trying to get the computer to turn on was difficult. Anyway here I am posting my back at it blog. Boy do I have a lot to catch up on.

I guess first I'll post some pictures from our Disney World vacation. Chris' parents took us on a big family vacation for their 40th Anniversary. We are very thankful to them for their generosity. We had a great time. It has only been in the last few days that Taylor hasn't asked to move there. Now I've got a bit of the travelling bug. Although I think the next vacation will be saved up for Chris and I to go without the chitlins.

That is just a taste of how our trip was.

Next was Christmas time. Which is always busy. Luckly our family didn't get sick even when those around us were. Knock on wood we don't get it now.

Now we are back into the swing of things. School, soccer, work, gymnastics, swimming lessons.
Life is not the sit around kind that's for sure.

That's it for now. We'll see what interesting stuff happens today. Now that I'm posting it a day after I started. (pictures were taking too long to load so I went to bed)