Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dresser safety straps

So I now know why dressers come with the wall mount safety strap. We just bought Taylor her first dresser a couple of weeks ago. She has been emptying the draws out, which drives me crazy. What's the point of folding? Today she decided it would be a good idea to climb it. It came crashing down. She was okay but scared. She didn't even cry till I came up and was shocked to see the dresser on the floor. Hopefully she will have learned her lesson. We now have to find the strap. That was our excitment for the day. Well that and Taylor wore underwear today and she was dry. Yeah!!!!! You go girl! Well time to check out the goings on in other peoples lives.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What do you do all day anyway?

This is what somebody asked me the other day. I will not say who because I don't want him to get beat up by all the mom's out there. This person seems to think that I sit on my butt all day long watching soaps and eating bonbons. I tried explaining to him what I do all day long but I think he still believes I do nothing all day long. I'm wondering what all you moms out there or stay at home dads have to say about this. Maybe tell us what you do all day and then he will get the picture that being a stay at home mom isn't always easy. If the guy who asked me this is ready this, don't take offense to this. I thought it was funny what you thought. Eating bonbons, hah, I wish. I look forward to what people think.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Long time no post

Well it's been a while since I last posted. I've been wanting to write about our potty success but everytime I have in the past it seems as though it stops. I think we are on the right track this time. For the last week Taylor has been dry every morning. And has been asking to go potty. We started a potty sticker chart. Everytime she goes potty she gets to pick a sticker. It seems to be working. Hopefully it continues because I hate it when something is going well and then blame it's done. We've had a pretty relaxing week. Quinten has been trying to take some steps by himself but keeps falling. I don't think it will be long till he's doing it all on his own. Other than potty and walking not much has happened around here. And no I don't have a poop story.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Music Camp 2006

Well another year of music camp has come and gone. We had a great time. We were really busy but it was all worth it when the campers told us how much fun they had. We did a few pranks, which I got blamed for. Which then resulted in me having water and then flour poured on me. I think I finally have it out of my hair, 2 days later. There is so much to tell but I will say that, I, learned a lot from my choir. It just goes to show you that we never stop learning.
I hope everybody has had a great week too. I know Beth has. Congrats Perry's on the new bambino Logan. I really like that name.
Before I go check out everybody's blog I will leave you with a poop story from this past week. All of our poop stories were a big topic of discussion during camp so it was inevitable that something with poop would happen. I was at the park with a bunch of the faculty's kids and my own, when Taylor came running up pointing out her finger. She proceed to ask me what was all over her hand. Well, yes, it was poop. It was all over her hand, up her back, and all over her pants. I just can't get away from it. Oh well what kind of week would it have been if poop didn't come into the picture. I hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Puke, Gross! No pic

Why does this stuff seem to always happen to me. The poop in my shoe wasn't enough. Today I was finishing up laundry so that I could pack for camp. All I had left was a load to put in the dryer and a basket with clothes just sitting there. Quinten came up and puked right in the basket of clean clothes and then proceed to play with it. So it didn't just get on the top stuff but was now mixed through. No I did not take a picture of this. The last couple of days have been filled with a game of Settlers , which Darrin won, and getting packed for Music camp. I just want to say what a wonderful Husband I have. He did most of my photocopying. Thanks Sweets. Well I shall possibly write once more before I go but if not I will bid you farewell for a little while. If anyone is interested in coming for the final program it is on Sat. 19th. Hope to see you ther.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Viewer Discretion is advised. Poop in Shoe!

Yep that's right it is poop in my shoe. A new shoe at that. Taylor had just finished going potty and I was upstairs getting her a pair of undies when I hear her little voice telling me she pooped. Well I got excited because I though she did it in the potty. Boy was I wrong. Poor kid wasn't to happy. I think I scared her when I ran down the stairs and said oh shoot. Why does this always happen when Chris isn't home? I'm sorry if you are reading this and are offended by the picture but I did put a warning at the beginning. Other than that my day has been pretty good. Worked away at Music camp stuff. Taylor slept a good portion of the day away. She got up at noon today. It's like I have a teenager already. Quinten slept lots too but not that long. A new thing Quinten has learned is to pull himself up off the floor while holding on to the table. I think I have a climber on my hands. Well Chris is home now and it is always nice to spend time as a couple and tell the stories of our day. Till I post agian. Good night.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

You know You're a Mom when...

You write a shopping list in crayon. (Happened this week.)
You're going out clothes are t-shirts without holes and jeans. I will gladly let anyone nominate me for What Not to Wear.
You have some kind of crap on your clothes. That's why the t-shirt and jean combo.
You have laundry coming out of everywhere.
You find yourself watching Treehouse and no kids are around.
You discuss your kids bowel moments.
I was thinking about this as I writing my shopping list in crayon. If you have anymore mom or dad things to add please do so.

On another note. Has anyone ever vacuumed behind the dryer? Man there is a lot of lint that builds up. And it is amazing the things you find when you move the dryer around. It is true that the dryer eats socks. They just spit the socks out underneath. That has pretty much been the fun for the day. Had a nice supper with my parents and bro. Other than that it is all about the dryer. Happy holiday tomorrow for all of you that get it off.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Life can be stressful

So I'm sure most people think that being a stay at home mom isn't that hard. Let me tell you they would be wrong. I've been feeling a little stressed out about the upcoming music camp. As I have said before it is my first year as vocal director. Normally I don't think I would be that stressed out but we don't have any guests this year. At least the instrumental director found someone to lead faculty and A band. I will be leading the main choir and the faculty women's chorus. It has been awhile since I last lead a group. I know god has chose me to do this job, I just hope he carries me through the week. I know he will.
Anyway back to the stay at home mom stuff. I sometimes feel like I don't have any patience. I have to remind myself that Taylor is only 2 and 1/2. I also need to remind myself that who cares if the house isn't perfect. I know to some who have come over, that my house isn't Martha Stewart worthy. It probably was but that was before the kids even got up. It doesn't have to be perfect. I feel like I am cleaning up the toys constantly all day long. I need to just let go. Please tell me there are others out there that feel the same way.
Enough ranting. Today was a great day. The best shopping day I've had with both kids. Taylor stayed right with me and she didn't even run around. I though I had the double stroller but I had the single with the skateboard. She is finally liking the skateboard. Of course she would because we just got the double stroller not too long ago. I was so proud of her. Hopefully our Costco trip, tomorrow, will be as successful. I hope everyone reading this had a great day.
Can't wait for you to come home, Joy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

101st Post

I just realized that I have passed the 100 post mark. Anyway that's not what I am writing about today. I forgot to write about our cherry tree last week so I have to make up for it now. Last year we bought this cherry tree that could produce cherries in the prairies. We didn't get any cherries last year but this year we sure did. They taste okay. Not really sweet yet. Hopefully they sweeten up. We had a lot of people saying you'll never get cherries. Ha, so there we did. Even though they are a little tart they are still good and Taylor wants to keep eating them. We have to get to them before the birds do.
Last night we had a surprise birthday celebration for my mom. She was surprised and I think she had a good time. Lots of cake was eaten. I made 3 cakes. I always seem to go overboard when making stuff. I don't want to run out so I always make extra. It was nice to get together as a family. It must suck having a summer birthday so I hope you felt special Mom.
I finally got to meet Liz. What a nice girl. I really like her. Hopefully we will get to know her more and see her again soon. It was fun Liz.
And that has been my last couple of days. The kids are great. They seem to be getting back to normal with going to bed and naps. Just in time for music camp and then I will have to retrain them. On a side note, Taylor has finally started to grow more. We got back from Penticton and she has out grown a bunch of clothes. Yeah Taylor you can finally stop wearing your 3-6 months, 12-18 and 18-24 months stuff. Now on to size 2. Nothing wrong with being little. Good things come in small packages is what my Dad has always said. The boy is growing as well just not as fast. They're little what can I say. He is standing alot more on his own. I will post more pics in the next day or so.
Till I post again.