Friday, May 30, 2008

8 months old

8 months today. Wow! Where has the time gone? He now weighs in at 17lbs and measures in at 27 1/2 inches. He is an inch and a half bigger than the other 2 were at this age and 1/2 pound heavier. Maybe we have a future NBA star. Okay who am I kidding, the tall genes aren't that strong.

Today is the first day in a long time that I feel caught up around the house. I'm sure that will change very quickly tomorrow. I guess it helps when the kids play outside most of the day.

I'll leave you all with a few pictures. Must take more pictures been a bit of a slacker lately.
Taylor is big into measuring lately.This is how I am greeted after naps and the morning. He is so proud of himself.


liz said...

Seriously? Cutest Kids Ever!

Kirst said...

Aww thanks!

Anthony & Kim said...

Your kids are so cute!!

boltefamily said...

Oh my! How precious!