Monday, December 15, 2008

Come on grow

Today was a weight check up for Spencer. I thought for sure he was going to be at least 20 pounds. Especially with the good weight gain he had at the end of October. No such luck. He is 18 and half pounds. We still need to measure his length. He still not on the charts but our Doctor seems to think that is where he will stay. I thought Quinks was a lightweight. Maybe he'll be the super tall kid. OKay I know crazy thought but one can dream right? So I guess now on top of shoving food at him he'll have to start eating sticks of butter. :)


k said...

Two words: Christmas Baking.
Just give him a diet of nanaimo bars, thumbprint cookies, and shortbread. Maybe a few cranberry scones and some banana bread to add some nutrients...wash it all down with eggnog and he's GOT to gain some weight.

Sketti said...

That must be so frustrating! Fortunatly Zachary is just under the 50%ile and is constantly there. Good luck with the Christmas Baking idea!

Tammy Williams said...

If I have learned anything it is that kids will eat when they are hungry. It has been a chore of mine to get Maya to eat her dinner but who am I to complain when she would rather eat fruit all day long? I am taking the kids to the doc tomorrow so I suppose we will see how she, and her brother look on the scale then. Stay tuned!