Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wow I suck

It's been 2 months since I've posted. Bad Kirsten.
Let the updates begin:
Taylor's surgery went well. She had a minor set back which landed her back in the hospital but now she is all good. She is a different kid. Doesn't look so tired all the time. She looks healthy.
Potty training has stalled and regressed. Hopefully we can get it back. I would love for Spencer to be out of diapers for the summer.
Soccer has started so we are now out every night during the week. I don't mind it though. Keeps us all busy.
I sort of ran the marathon last Sunday. I had to quit at 25k because of my IT band and the fact that I was way too cold. I was shutting down. So now it is on to the next race. Who knows when that will be. I will try again for next years marathon.
Life is never dull around here but also doesn't seem that exciting all at the same time. So of course it is that way right now.
Hopefully I'll be better at blogging.

Oh and I don't know who the anonymous commentor was on my last post so feel free to let me know who you are.


Karri said...

Welcome Back! We missed you! You don't just gets busy! And I hear ya about the potty training. I haven't even tried yet with Sarah but I think about how nice it would be if she was potty trained!

k said...

Hope to see more posts from you...but we know you're busy :)
I've been a bit slacky lately too.

Miranda said...

Nice to see you blogging again. Travis just ran his first half in May and is running the full here in edmonton in August.