Monday, February 27, 2006

Kid Pictures

You can't really tell but Taylor has been picking out her own clothes and this was one of the outfits.
For those of you who were thinking of having Nathan babysit for you, you might want to reconsider. I'm only kidding. Nathan is great with Taylor. It was an accident. And not your fault Nathan.What is she doing to him?
The cloth is there so that some of you, you know who you are, don't get jealous of Quinten.
And lastly here is Taylor in her best attire. This is how she prefers to be around the house. There will be more pics of QuinQuin when we get them.


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh! Taylor is so cute...even cuter than the last time I saw her. What sweet kids you have :)

The Rev said...

Heard about the injury via Nathan. Didn't realize how bad it was. Way to go Nathan, way to go.

Stever said...

Too bad Nathan didn't have his t-shirt that Tuesday night.

Remember the days when parents took pictures of their kids naked and then hid them away for years and years... now the poor kids are all over the 'net within hours.

What a great world.

Tell Taylor and Quinten that we love them.

Dee said...

You two have the cutest kids!

I'm glad that I got to spend so much time with them and with you over the past little while, hopefully we can still see each other lots in the weeks to come!

I'll have to invite myself over for some Tuesday night dinners!

The Rev said...

Hold up. If Dee is inviting herself over then I am too!

--Nathan-- said...

like the woman said, it wasnt my fault. but i do feel bad. Obviously Taylor even knew it wasnt my fault as she came and gave me a hug right afterwards.

BethJoy said...

Glad to see a pic of quin, haven't seen him since december, he has such a cute pudgy face, they are the best! You have a beautiful little boy there. You know my thoughts on Taylor so this comment is for Quin!