Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthday, baby belly, and first class

Well I was pretty busy hosting the kids party that I didn't take many pictures. So I have to wait for my Mom to send me hers. I do have a picture of the cake. I tried taking pictures of the kids kissing the baby but it was tough to get them bothe to cooperate just right.

I've been busy today cleaning the car and garage out. Not sure if that is considered nesting but I seem to have a bit more energy today. Chris has told me that next Monday anytime after 12:00 and on will be a good time for the baby to come. I guess that would work if I could control it. Oh well, we'll just wait and see.

I couldn't get Taylor into a preschool so we have enrolled her in some classes at the Y. She is taking a dance class and a variety class, which we call school.

Notice that Taylor is wearing pants. This is a big deal. It's been so long since I've been able to get her in pants.


Heather said...

that an adorable picture. I miss you guys!

Chrissy & Brian said...

Nice pants! Are those the sparkle ones? That cake looks yummy! And that is a cute pic of your 3 kids!

kristen said...

you know...i don't think i've ever played candyland, but it looks much more delicious in cake form.

Kirst said...

They are the sparkly pants. She loves those things.

Loretta said...

The kids look like they are giving your belly raspberries!!!!

Soon you'll be squeezing out a watermelon, then it'll be over - yay!!!

I'll keep tuning in for news!

Anthony & Kim said...

so when is your due date? Are you having a c-section again?