Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A day of playing

cartwheel in case you can't tell.
Quinks upset because he wants to go outside. He's not wearing any pants but does have his rubber boots on.
First time having green beans. Yumm! (Hey Grumpy?)
This is how I found Quinten the other night.
So proud to be sitting.
Yes he dressed himself, from the too small bin.
Hand stand time.


Chrissy & Brian said...

Great pics!
Question #1: Did you rearrange the bonus room?
Question #2: Do the kids have bunk beds? That is sweet!

Oh, and I like the new pic at the top of your blog, very cute!

p.s. I miss you!

Kagahn said...
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Grumpy said...

Green beans Yumm?
I don't think so!!!

Sienna said...

Hi Kirsten! Your kids are growing so much too! We are so ready for the baby! Sienna was 3 weeks early so I've been ready for a month! Just waiting now......