Friday, December 18, 2009

Last day

Thankgoodness it is the last day of school and then 2 weeks off. I'm feeling very unorganized, sleepy, can't seem to get everything done, etc. I can't wait to sleep in. Hopefully get more baking done and finish getting Chris' stocking stuff. He is so hard to buy for. Does anybody else have a problem buying for their spouses or signficant others? What types of stuff are you getting? I need ideas people.

Why am I up this early? Could it be the kid who came into our bed coughing? Or the husband getting up, trying to be quiet, but I could still hear him. Maybe I should go tidy something up. I've just been so lazy lately.

Anyway happy last day of everything for us till the new year.
Have a great Friday and weekend seen as I am a slacker blogger so I'll probably not blog tomorrow. :)

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