Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another surgery

Taylor is having her tonsils out, not totally sure on the adenoids, on April 9th. She's been having a lot of sleep problems. Snoring and sleep apnea so we watched it and yesterday at her ENT appointment he said it would be best to take them out. Of course there are risks like any surgery. I always though that a tonsilectomy was a simple nothing can go wrong procedure. I was wrong. They don't take it lightly at all. Hopefully Taylor is not one of the kids that bleeds lots after and has complications. I have faith in God that she is in good hands and will be well taken care of. Still scary when it's your kid.

Potty training is going. Not terribly but not great. He is having accidents but he is getting better about going on the potty and not in his underwear. It will be so nice to have no swim diapers this summer.

Running is going. It's been kind of a slack week. It's sometimes hard working my training around Chris' schedule but I do what I can.

All in all we are doing good. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can play outside more.


k said...

Any surgery has the potential for would be wrong of them not to warn you otherwise. And could you imagine if they didn't take surgery on a kid (or anyone) that seriously? That would be really irresponsible. I'm sure everything will go smoothly, but I know we'll all be a little nervous until it is all over. Let us know when it is...

(on a side-note, i did a lovely report on electrosurgical methods on sealing bleeding vessels during surgeries such as now i'm really curious as to what kind of surgical technique they'll be using.)

Heather said...

She's a trooper and so are you, so I know it will all go swimmingly! I'll be thinking about her on the day