Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lack of imagination for a title

With surgery comes blood tests. Today was blood taking day for Taylor. The last time she was great. Watched the whole thing, didn't make a peep, didn't need Mommy to sit with her. This time was so different. Let me tell you how strong a 6 year old girl can get. Yikes. It took 3 of us to hold her down. And even with that she was trying to claw the needle out. She is a fighter. Hopefully like with the tube procedure no needles before hand. A stop for slurpees made up for the pain till her brother bit her and she said it reminded her of the needle. All is good now.

Potty training is going okay. I don't know how some kids can be so young and get it. I realize Spencer is younger than the other 2 were but it's discouraging to hear of people who's kids aren't even 2 and they are potty trained. Spence does pretty well just a few accidents.

Running has lacked. Trying to train sometimes with Chris' schedule is tough. Hopefully this week gets better. I'm starting to feel a lack of energy.

Anyway I hope everyone is have a happy spring so far. How can you not with the sunshining?

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