Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Again I suck at updating

But I have good reasons. Been busy running, baking, cleaning and entertaining.

First off running. The Calgary half marathon went really well for me. My goal was to have no pain at the end. I'm happy to report I made my goal. It felt so good to finish pain free. My time really did suck but I checked my ego at the door and took er easy. In the past it's taken me months to get back into running after the painful finishes. I was able to run the Wednesday after the race. And I'm doing another one this coming Saturday in Cochrane. Again I will not be winning or setting any kind of records, but trying to finish with no pain.

Second baking. I've got a big muffin order for realtor friends. 200 muffins for this weekend. So I've been trying new recipes. The kids have been loving my trials. And so has my body. Good thing I've been able to run or else.

Third cleaning. These kids are so messy. I'm so sick of cleaning up there mess that I've been living with it. Something I find hard to do. (I know Mom and Dad you might find that hard to believe but one person can only clean up so many times before they say screw it and leave it. Then guests come over and it looks like nothing has been done.) So last week we did a big clean up but once again it looks like a bomb went off upstairs.

Fourth entertaining. I love having people over. I know some people might think I'm crazy for having people over so often. Don't get me wrong I love going to other people's houses but I don't feel comfortable inviting myself over. Anyway I'm looking forward to the weather being great so that we can have people over even if it is to just hang out on the deck.

Now that I've updated I'm off to try another recipe. I'm finding so maybe great ones.

4 more sleeps till race day. 2 of my race supporters will be busy with their own activities so it'll be buddy and Chris there to cheer me on.


kristen said...

Hope you have fun at the race!

Anonymous said...

You are 1 busy lady, but you sound happy and that's huge. Run, pain free!!!
Char J

Faye said...

Once again your Mom is crapping out on you. I'm not in town for this race either, but I'm cheering you on anyway. Pain free running - Yay!

Leigh said...

I meant to email you to see how the race went for you earlier. Glad that you had no pain at the end of it! That's always a good thing :)

Good luck this weekend!