Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Schools Out for Summer

Now that we are full on in summer vacation mode, I'm hoping the behaviors around here will improve. Thankfully the weather is on our side so the kids can be outside burning off all their energy. I just wish I had more to keep up with them.

I've been dealing with anemia, and I won't go into details but it's female related so I'm sure the male readers won't want to read about it. You know what whatever. Male readers stop reading now if you don't want to read about it and start at the next paragraph. So here's the scoop. After I had Spencer I had a big infection in my uterus which caused my incision to open up, which has now caused a cyst to grow on the thin tissue. I finally went to my Doc in March because I have periods that last for 3 weeks. They sent me for an ultrasound and this is when they found the cyst. I have been referred to a gyno but I don't see him till November 23rd. For the last month or so I have been feeling very tired and have had stabbing pains where the cyst is. I feel so tired that I'll drop the kids off at school and find my self falling asleep as soon as I get home. I thought maybe my blood pressure was off so I went to my favorite nurses house to check it. It was normal but my pulse was really low. So again I make another appt with my doc, just to make sure the heart rate thing is ok and see what can be done about being so lethargic. He sent me for more blood work and an ECG. ECG came back normal. So no worries about the low heart rate. And the blood work came back normal except for my iron levels. He said that 14 is on the low end of normal and mine is 4. I've been taking iron but now have to up the dose. I'm also trying to add more iron rich foods everyday. Spinach is becoming my go to smoothie ingredient. So there it is out for everyone to read. Could be why the lack of posts too.

Ok men you can read again.

Anyway I'm really looking forward to camping and just relaxing. I have a hard time doing that. So I'm going to go right now and ignore the laundry and maybe put my feet up outside while the boys play.

Happy Sunshiney Wednesday!


Desiree said...

Boo, that's horrible! I hope you feel better soon, and gain some energy.

Kirst said...

I wanted to also mention that I didn't do this post to complain. Just to inform. I'll take the necessary actions and I will feel awesome.

Desiree said...

I never even considered for a moment that you were complaining. Guess maybe it's cause I know how you feel....