Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Today was a fun filled day at the zoo with Uncle Steve, Auntie Sue and Auntie Sandra. We had a great time. Taylor loves going to see the animals. Then after trying to get Taylor to nap I took the kids over to Auntie's house to play for alittle bit while Chris slept. And now I am ending a great day with the my all time favorite thing. I'm sure you can guess. Yep ice cream.

I've been watching this show on MTV called Super sweet 16. It's all about these rich, snobby teenagers that get 16th birthday parties. They get whatever they want and their parents spare no cost. Most of the parties are more than a wedding. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. It really is ridiculous. It has got me thinking though. I think it starts at a young age being spoiled. I don't mind buying my kids toys once in awhile. And what I mean is it hardly ever happens. I would love to by them lots of toys but I can't afford it and I don't think they need everything out there. So many parents give in to what ever their kid wants or lets them get away with hitting and yelling at other kids. These kids grow up to always needing to be the centre of attention and always needing to get their way. I frustrates me. I have really been trying to not let Taylor walk all over me. Somedays it is hard because at the moment it is easier to give in, but in the long run it won't help.
I guess what I am getting at, is that it is really hard work being a parent. I think before anybody ever has kids they think they have all the answers, me included. Boy do things change. I just hope my kids don't end up being like the kids on that show. Hats off to all the parents and parents to be. It isn't easy but the rewards are endless. When your child says I love you for the first time, without being prompted, or gives you a huge smile, it makes everything you do for them mean so much more.
Sorry for such a long post but I've been thinking alot about this lately.


K said...

I think you are well grounded enough to know the difference between spoiling your kids every so often, and spoiling them to the point where they loose the ability to be appreciative for what they have.

I enjoy the Super Sweet 16 as well. And though I don't know these...and I should't be passing judgement on people just from a half hour of edited programming, I really think that these parents are doing a disservice to their children. I think the parents started off with the intention of wanting their kids to have a comfortable life with nice things...but somehow things went wrong along the way.
These kids have no concept of money and how much things cost. I saw one girl throw a hissy fit because her mum went with different centrepieces than the ones she wanted...the mother saved SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS by going with those centrepieces.
That is what makes it an entertaining show...but the kind of show that makes you wonder what these people will be like at 30.

Even if you won the lottery and could give your children absolutely anything they wanted, I could see you giving them nice things, perhaps more things, but I couldn't see you allowing them to lose the concept of the value of things, the value of family and I couldn't see you leaving them unprepared for the "real world".

Joy & Darrin said...

Keep up the good work, Kirst!
It's the hardest job I ever had. I guess your performance evaluation is how your kids end up.