Friday, July 28, 2006


Do you ever feel like you just can't seem to get energized? I have been feeling that way this week. I can't seem to be motivated to do anything. Maybe it is post vacation tired syndrome. Hopefully once all of our laundry is done I will feel less tired. Taylor has been pushing and kicking Quinten lots lately. I think she has finally realized that he can now play with all of the toys or at least get at them. She isn't much into sharing. She is normally kind of whiny but this week has been worse. Everytime she thinks Quinten is going to touch something she freaks out. He could be across the room but if he looks at her she thinks he is after her stuff, which is now Quinten's as well. Oh well I will have to get used to the fighting. There is lots more to come. Believe me I know from experience, if you know what I mean, dude.
Well that has been my week pretty much except for a little bit of work and finding my music for music camp. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have more exciting things to blog about.


Desiree said...

I have been feeling so tired lately too. Maybe the weather? It's not pregnancy as every tries to tell me it is. It could also be the fact that you have two kids, as do I. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Miranda said...

Isabelle is already mean to Zoë. She kicks her and tries to step on her. It will be awful when Zoë starts playing with Isabelle's stuff. Not looking forward to that at all.
I feel tired and unmotivated too. You are not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would let you know church starts at 10am for the summer. I noticed it on Jenn's blog so I thought I would comment on yours too.
Cathy J