Saturday, April 28, 2007

Toothless wonder

Last night we went to the airport to meet Jordan and Kristen. Taylor was excited to see them and doing a kind of skating shuffly thing when she fell and smacked her face. There was a lot of blood and crying. Her left middle tooth was bent back. During all this commotion Quinten wandered off for a split second. There was a bit of a panic but he was found. We took Taylor to Children's where they sedated her and removed the tooth. Who would have thought we would be needing to talk about the tooth fairy to a 3 year old. The nurses had a really hard time getting the iv in. At one point there was 4 of us trying to hold her down. After attempt #2 they got in her foot. They administered the drugs and it was freaky to see her like that. Her eyes were open but it was like nobody was there. As she started to come out of it, she was like a drunk 3 year old. So funny. I wish we had it on video. She is a little sore and wants to show everybody her tooth. So don't be alarmed if she shows it to you. She was so brave and only worried about one thing. Would she miss soccer today. She did go to soccer this morning and really impressed us. She was the one kid who picked up the ball. It was great to watch. I hope this makes sense. I'm running on not much sleep. But before I go Happy 90th Birthday Grandma. We love you!

Pictures to follow.


BethJoy said...

Wow what an ordeal! I'm glad she's okay. We lost Jonah a few weeks ago for like 5 minutes in Wal-Mart, it was quite scary, but he can talk and stuff now, but for Quniten he's so much younger, scary feeling!!

Miranda said...

I find it very funny that right after you posted about Taylor's biting problem that she lost a tooth. lol! Maybe she will stop biting now? lol!

Anthony & Kim said...

my sister in law was a nurse on the emerg that night she didnt work with you guys but she remembers hearing about it!

Shawn said...

I can totally relate. I don't know if you remember but Rebecca pulled the TV on herself when she was 3 and Shawn was out of town on business. She split her lip totally open from just under her nose down throught her lip so it gaped open and knocked out three teeth. She had to be sedated to sew her back together. The couldn't get the IV in and ended up with two people holding her while they put the IV in and she got loose and was flinging her arm around with the IV half in and blood was flying everywhere. She came through fine but I was so guilty that the tooth fairy gave her $20.00.