Thursday, July 26, 2007

Parenting is tough

I am finding out what it is like for Taylor to have friends outside of church. I know those kids really well and of course their parents. I am finding it hard dealing with the rejection from some of the neighbourhood kids. She was told the other day to go away but luckily Chris was home and sent her back to play. I don't like seeing my kids upset. I therefore get upset too. It doesn't help that she is the youngest and can't do alot of what the other kids can do. This will definitely be a learning experience for all of us. Maybe me more than anybody else.
Hope everything is going well for all the readers out there. And no poop stories, yeah!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

We have been bringing Maya to the nursery at church twice a week - once on Sunday mornings when we are in the service and once on Wednesday nights when we are at small group. Everytime I go to pick her up she is crying uncontrollably - and she never cries like that at home. I feel terrible about it. Just this past Wednesday night, the nursery attendent told me that she tried to let Maya down to play with the toys and the other kids but she only wanted to be held. That can't make it easy on the attendents at all. I just hope that she can develope some trust in other kids before she heads off to kindergarten if a few years!

I think it is rougher on the parents than the kids sometimes.

BethJoy said...

I totally know what you mean, Kirst! Jonah has been rejected by some of the older kids, at church even! He says they always run away from him and laugh at him :( It hurts me when he tells me the other kids make him feel sad! I hope Taylor can meet some really good friends in your neighbourhood. I remember always playing with the kids on our street growing up.