Saturday, July 05, 2008

Parade, naps, Stampede and food

Yesterday we got up at the unpleasant hour of 5:00am. I haven't been up that early for a long time and I'll be doing it again tomorrow. The parade was good. The kids love going so getting up early is worth it. Although we still didn't get there early enough to get a curb seat. We had to wait till the intersections were closed. Next year I guess we'll have to send Chris to camp out. :)
The parade was followed by naps for everyone, even me the non napper. After that refresher we got ourselves to the stampede grounds. A few rides were enjoyed by the kids, corn dogs for the wee ones, cotton candy for the kiddlets, bbq beef sandwich thing for Chris, lemonade, Cowboy beef sundae for me followed up with mini donuts which I will mention are not all gone. And I love mini donuts but restrained. Quinten does not share my love of mini donuts. He had one and said no thank you yucky(actually it came out as lucky but we knew what he meant). Who doesn't like mini donuts?
So a good day was had by all. Today will be a relaxing day followed by the stampede concert at church.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! I know you guys will do great!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Kirsten & Chris! You are awesome!
Char J

K said...

it looks like the weather is PERFECT. for the run. YAAAAY

Heather said...

You have to call me back! I need to know how it went!!!!!