Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another wee one

We had Quinten and Spencer's annual check ups. Spencer also had to have is weight checked because of the weight loss and drop on the charts. My doc isn't super concerned but wants us to keep feeding Spencer lots and then come back in 2 months to have another look. And that is a big deal for our doctor to do a follow up. He was saying Spencer shouldn't be less then the last time he weighed him. Which was almost 4 months ago. He also hasn't gained at all in the last month. Which is wierd to us. We've been feeding him tons. I feel like I'm shoving the food at him. I'm not concerned about it. He's a happy kid, who loves to eat. Sometimes more than his siblings.
Quinten is 26 1/2 pounds and 35 inches. Spencer 17lbs 10 oz and 28 3/4 inches.
I would like to know the secret to eating whatever one wants and not gaining anything. Not good for a baby but good for me. :)
Have a great night.


Karri said...

If he shares that secret with you could you let me in on it!!!!:) He's healthy and I've seen your kids eat! They are no light snackers!

Devin said...

I just wanted to give you some encouragement on this topic. Now, obviously, I am no doctor, but 2 of my 3 boys have never broken the 15% in their lives--and they are good eaters (for the most part) and are perfectly healthy. I always remind folks (who are not shy about commenting on babies and "how tiny he is!") that we get AVERAGES for a reason! Some are big, some are little, and some are right in the middle. Just because your baby is tiny doesn't mean he is unhealthy. Granted, I don't know if any other factors are involved--I'm just saying that, as a whole, you can not determine a child's general health by their size alone. I hope that was some sort of encouragement to you!

K said...

I've seen him pack it back...eventually i'm sure it will result in packing on some pounds.