Monday, November 10, 2008

13 month old hulk

How is it that a 13 month, and not a big one at that, can break a crib. I think he has tried to climb it too manytimes and has pushed one of the important parts out. And I can't screw it back in. Hopefully Chris can fix it tonight, or we'll be sleeping in the same bed as Spencer. And of course the play pen is at my parents. Could be a restless night.


Tammy Williams said...

That's funny. How did your night go? Was Chris able to fix it? We've had to fix Declan's a couple of times too. Thankfully, both Spencer and Declan are getting close to the age where they can soon sleep in a bed. Just a few more months:)

Devin said...

Ugh...I feel for you on this one. Hope it gets fixed, and quickly!