Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the story continues

The poop story that is. We were already to go this morning, everyone was dressed even not just in jammies. I went to grab Spencer and his diaper was half off and poop was spread over his blankets. If it's not one kid it's another. Hopefully it was an accident and we don't have another Quinten poop fascination kid, on our hands.
Other than that our day has been pretty good.


K said...

my mum keeps asking if spencer has started with the poop. i hope this really IS a one time thing!

Devin said...

Hey, I wanted to tell you--about the sleeping together thing.

You know, I think that they do that well because we started them out that way. They just got used to each other's little noises and things like that, so those sorts of things don't wake the other ones up. I mean, it isn't always great--if one wakes up crying or something, sometimes the other ones do too--but usually, we have NO problems! And, if another one should come along...

....they'll go in there too!

But, I think if you wanted to start doing would probably be rough at first, but they would adjust. The younger they are, the easier adjusting is on those kinds of things, you know?