Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get ready

I'll be changing my background more often now that there are some really cute Christmas ones to choose from. And if you know me you will know I have a hard time making a decision. And now that I figured out how to change to font color(I must not have scrolled down far enough the last time I tried) that will be changing too.
I've not always been a fan of pink. For awhile I would not wear pink. Now as I become more girly I'm liking it. So I'll start off with a festive pink background.

How is your weekend going? We got a lot accomplished yesterday in the way of Christmas shopping. Thanks to my parents for taking care of Taylor and Quinten. Most appreciated. Only a few little things left. We've all got Christmas jammies. Even Chris got into the spirit, well sort of. His are green so it counts. I love being on top of things. Who knew I could be organized. Now to get the Christmas cards addressed and then start the baking. And can't forget decorating. I think tomorrow might be a good day for that.

Hope all is well with all the blog readers. Don't forget to drop us a line so we can pop by blogs we don't know about.


Devin said...

Oh, I am so ready to start all the Christmas stuff too....but reading about all there is to do (baking, decorating, shopping, etc) just makes me a little overwhelmed! :-)

Normally, I would never think of putting my tree up before Thanksgiving. But, I don't know, this year I feel different! It is so much work putting everything up, and we go away for Thanksgiving--so we come home, and by the time everything is out, we only get to enjoy it for a couple of weeks! This year, I think I am going to get an early start, so that when we come home, it is DONE and over with, and we can enjoy everything a lot longer!

Plus....and this doesn't help...I mentioned (I thought, quietly, but apparently not quietly enough) all the above to my sweet hubby....and my 3 year old heard the words "putting up the tree" and he only reminds me about doing it every 6 minutes or so.

So, it will be good to get done so that he isn't constantly on me about it! :-)

LOVE the pink festive background, by the way!

K said...

i like the pink and green a lot...but i'm sure the other themes will be pretty too!