Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back at it

The training has started again and I realize one thing after todays long run, that I need to be eating more. Which isn't a bad thing. This year is different for the training. I'm not in weight loss mode just getting better at running mode. I love how I feel after a run, it makes me look forward to the next run.

Speaking of love don't you just love how a child's smile can make you melt. I love seeing my kids smiling faces. If I'm ever down it just brightens up my mood instantly. With valentines coming up maybe I'll post about more things I love. Although there are so many I'm not sure I can get it all down on here.
Drop us a line and tell us some of the things you love.

I love my husband and kids. They mean the world to me.


Heather said...

Nice! I hope it goes well!

Sketti said...

I totally agree! Zachary has recently (in the past month) started to giggle. I love it so much! I love being a mum so much I'm dreading the thought of going back to work in June!