Thursday, April 09, 2009

High five Taylor

It has been 1 week since the thumb sucking stuff went on. Still no sucking. She is one proud little girl and we are really proud of her. It's been tough for her to fall asleep at night but is getting better. I think all the playing outside the kids are doing will help in the sleep department.

Now that Spring is here the kids have been playing outside non stop. I have to drag them in for supper and bed. Quinks is starting to sport his summer hair color. And they both are getting the colored cheeks.

Tomorrow I am going to try and go for a run before church. It's been almost a week since my reoccurence of pain. I'm hoping it will go well. I'm missing running. Plus I've been feeling fat lately and need to really do it and push myself instead of going at a easy comfortable pace.
It was mentioned on Kristen's blog, by a commentor, about the 100 push up challenge. I'm in awe of people who can do lots of proper push ups. I cannot do them so maybe this is what I need to get started. I'll keep ya'll posted. (I'm sure you'll be dieing to know how I'll do. ;) Right.)
I'll post for me then.

Anyway it's been a day filled with play and gymnastics so I now need to clean up. There is something always to be cleaned hey?


Devin said...

Great job Taylor!!

Woot woot!

Evey said...

YAY Taylor! That is awesome.