Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Went to the zoo today, have a very messy house, had my usual Tuesday cry, still no thumb sucking, can't stop playing with the games on Taylor's webkinz thing, looking at some races to run, reading a book from my MIL (Thanks Joanne for the book and the treat inside.), I love ice cream and coffee (not together, well maybe sometimes), still have a messy house (I guess it's not going to clean itself), have 3 great kids and a husband who I love more than anything, am very thankful for all my family (wish I could see them more), have done 1 day of the 100 push up challenge (so far so good), me thinks some ice cream could be part of this evenings plan, I am loving meeting new Mom's at school and getting to hang out with them, I am a bad blogger (I will get to putting the picture on here Tammy. Just call me lazy bones.), and I'm going to have a great night of relaxation, even though the house is a mess, whilst watching LOST and The Unusuals (new show that we like).

Thought I would try something new with my post. Have a great hump day. It's been a good day for us.


k said...

A little espresso on some vanilla ice cream is really quite delightful! (especially when you crunch up some amaretti cookies and throw them on there too)
What is the book?

Kirst said...

It's a book from Dr. Laura. Praise to Stay at Home Moms.