Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hmmm what's new?

Soccer season is upon us. Quinks plays on Saturday's and Taylor plays Monday's and Wednesday's. Already after one game each we can tell Quinten and Taylor are very different when it comes to soccer. Taylor kind of follows around and will touch the ball but isn't very aggresive. Quinks on the other hand is in there like a dirty shirt. Literally. At one point he was the only one from his team playing. And he's got the celebration moves down. I did get some pictures I'll post them at a later date.

Yesterday we thought we would try putting Spencie in the bottom bunk to nap while we changed the rooms around. I can't believe how smooth it was. Of course he walked around for a bit but eventually fell asleep. Bedtime last night, nap today and bedtime tonight were awesome. He didn't even get out of the bed. Total difference from the other 2. It's sad for me to have him in a bed though. He's still my baby but this seems to make him less of one.

Other than that not much new has happened around here.

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