Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Have you hugged someone? On the weekend members of our church experienced tragedy, which made me realize how lucky I am to have a healthy, happy family. We never know what will be thrown at us in our life time. So I like to take the time to tell and show my kids how much I love them.
Last night I watched the movie My Sisters Keeper, by myself I might add. Maybe not the best idea. I bawled not just teary eyed but full on sobbing and tears flowing down my cheeks. How does a family deal with that hurt and loss? Lots of times if I've watched or read something that makes me appreciate how thankful I am, I go and watch the kids while they are sleeping. Last night I couldn't resist picking up a sleeping Spencer just to have a snuggle. I tell you this because sometimes it takes a movie or some bad news to remember that it's not all about the clean house etc. Take the time to snuggle with the ones you love.
Please pray for the families I mentioned. I'm not going to use names but they could use your prayers.


Fred said...

Take a look at Psalm 103:11 to 18...a great prayer in the midst of challenge.

Anonymous said...

I love your sensitivity, Kirsten. You are a beautiful person.
Char J