Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mouse Tails

Our little mouse ate the peanut butter off the trap by the piano but did not get trapped. But I did find a mouse trapped in the garage after dropping Taylor off this morning. Who knows if it is the same one or not. I thought the one in the house was bigger but my view of it might not be accurate as I was freaking out. Bringing in a cat might not be such a bad idea.

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fuzzy wuzzy said...

Where there is one mouse there are probably more. check out your pantry & make sure they have not eaten holes in bags etc. check for mouse droppings & then you'll know where they have been. I do not like mice & in the past, I have screamed & felt like jumping on a chair when they have run across my kitchen floor. Pretty girly girl-right? ( I'm usually not that big of a sissy) Interesting that your word verification looks like 'mouse' - well a variation of it anyway.