Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One for the record books

Bedtimes are not an easy thing around here. We are very lucky to have kids that have slept through the night at an early age and they also like to sleep in. Good on weekends bad during the week. We however were not blessed in the east bedtime area. It seems to be such a fight with all 3. Tonight however was different. My Dad was here watching the boys while Taylor and I were at gymnastics. Me working her training. Anyway, normally when I get home they are still awake and then want snuggles etc from me. Tonight my Dad had both asleep. Amazing. Now comes the oldest. Normally she wants to watch tv before bed on gym nights. You see we get home at 9:00pm and her bedtime is normally 8:30. Sometimes I give in because she is complaining about how she misses out by being at gym. Seriously kid you don't know how lucky you are to have the opportunity to do gymnastics. Again anyway, rambling a little. She walked upstairs right to bed and fell right asleep without changing. She did mention at the gym that she felt sick and that she might puke. Thankfully no pukes. But YEAH for easy bedtimes. Now time for me to put my feet up as the craziness continues tomorrow.

Nighty night!

I also need to say how thankful I am for my parents helping out by watching the kids when both Chris and I have to work. It is very much appreciated.

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