Saturday, January 22, 2011

There's a hole in the wall dear Liza, dear Liza....

We've had quite the trying week with the Q man. Let's just say the first part was good but then Wednesday hit and all hell(sorry) broke loose. We found out that he hasn't been on his best behavior at school Mon, Tues and Wed. Not sure why his teacher waited till Wed to tell us but whatever. Let's just say after numerous time outs, bedroom bound time away (him not me), buckets of tears, various items being thrown at the bedroom door, hot sauce and a hole in the wall I was very glad to drop the boys off at my parents house on my way to work. I will say something good did come from it. I've learned not to react to his behavior. I let hearing a 5 year old tell me how terrible a mom I was beat me down. So of course I reacted and yelled which in turn made it worse.
The rest of the week got better and we're thinking positively that next week will be even better and we'll get positive reports from his teacher.

I will say I felt like I had failed as a parent. Please tell me I'm not alone. Any stories out there?


Fred and Wendy said...

I have a thousand - no exageration - stories of Phil...sorry Phil...and our battles in school and out! Days of being called to the office (him and me) and the resulting battles.

Now he's an EMT, Carpenter, Firefighter in training, husband, good citizen, nice guy, talented and accomplished.

And I am bald and grey...sorry that's the end result!

BethJoy said...

Aww Kirsten, I feel your pain as one momma to another! I have good days and bad days too when I lose it and yell, and I feel like a huge failure! I know you may feel like you've lost, but never give up, keep loving them and being with them during this stage, find what they are craving.
Logan is our "physical" emotional one. Kicking etc. I found he wants cuddles (every kid is different of course), who knew if I calm down and give him attention through snuggling he calms right down too, it only took me months to finally try that approach. Keep trying different things, you are an awesome mom, don't forget that and you're not the only one dealing with these kinds of situations!

Anonymous said...

Read a book called "Hold Onto Your Kids" by Gordon Neufeld. You can also youtube him and check out his stuff that way too.

It's a whole different approach to parent, truly amazing, and you might find it helps with ideas you've never thought of or considered before.

k said...

So did you fix the hole with straw? I remember thinking "why on earth would you fix a hole with straw" back in the day when I would sing that song in the car to annoy my mum.

fuzzy wuzzy said...

Aahh ...reminds me of another little boy who kicked a wall in. Not once but a second time after his Dad had just fixed it. He now has a PHD, and is hopefully not kicking any more walls.