Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here's to no pain

1 week today at this time, I will be finished the Subaru Half Marathon. I have to confess that I normally get all caught up in what my time will be and what other's times are. Not this time. Ok I do still want to live up to the people who can do a half in 2 hours or less but not this race. In the past during training my knee has acted up which results in a painful, not great time, finish. So far this training session I've felt nothing. So for race day I will be taking it a slower pace as my goal is not a time goal but to finish pain free. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself.

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kristen said...

Pain free is a great goal! That was my goal for my last half and while there was one point where I wanted to push a little harder, I knew it wouldn't help me get there pain free so I didn't listen to myself. Things that helped me during that race: thanking all the volunteers (it was pouring rain and they deserved that thank you even more), enjoying the scenery, and the two mantras I wrote on my hand- "smile!" and "don't think, just run".
Sometimes it takes more mental strength to do what you should do rather than what you want to do. Good luck!

fuzzy wuzzy said...

Sorry we won't be there to cheer you on. No matter what the outcome, we will still love you & be very proud of you. Run like the wind (just a slow gust of wind tho)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your race!!! You'll do awesome!
Char J