Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We've got another one

Runner that is. Every year, since I was a kid, we have done the Mother's Day race. This year Taylor and Quinten wanted to run it. Taylor ran 5k and Quinten ran 3k. I wish I hadn't been running the 10 so I could have seen them do an awesome job. We were hopeful that Taylor would run the whole thing but knew that being 7 she might have to walk. We'll she, actually they both, blew us away. Chris had Taylor set the pace and she ran 5k in 36:43. That is a great time but especially for a 7 year old. My opinion at least. And for Q to do the last 3k keeping up with her is amazing also. Chris said people were amazed at what they were doing. They had lots of comments.

I love that they are interested in something that I love to do. Not everyone loves running but it is a love of mine. Taylor has joined the running club at school and wants to do more races. She actually asked if she could run the 10 with me next year. They both have some races coming up so we'll see how she does. They'll be out running me soon, although that isn't hard to do.

So that's my little bit of a brag post.

Next up my own running desires.


kristen said...

Yay for the kids!!

Anonymous said...

Char J