Monday, March 12, 2007

1st appointment

Today I had my first ob appointment. As I thought I am due on October 5th. And as I also thought I will have to have another c-section. My doc said it is not the best idea after having 2 c-sections to try again. Too much can happen. It's better to be safe than sorry, just so I can say I had what some consider a normal delivery. I guess c-sections are normal for me. It would have been nice but we have to be safe.
In other news we are in the final stages of painting. The house is going up on the market on Saturday, and we have been painting crazy for the last week. It's almost done. YEAH!!!!!!!! I hope I don't have to see another paint brush for along time. It wouldn't have been so bad if we only had the walls to do. For a smaller house we sure have a lot of baseboards, casings, doors and one heck of a bannister to paint. It does look a lot better than the gross brown.
That has been our life lately. Maybe I will get Chris to take a picture of my baby belly, with the shirt covering. I feel really big for being 10 1/2 weeks. Oh well baby # 3 will do that I guess. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
I will try to be a better blogger this week.
Peace out!


K said...

I hope it sells quickly...and that the painters do a wonderful job in your new place so that you don't have to paint for a while.
Good luck with the selling!

BethJoy said...

Right in the middle of Taylor & Quinten's birthdays! How cool hey.

Desiree said...

That would be the worst time of year for me and my husband to have a family(harvest, a farmer thing). Glad it works well for you! And as for the c-section, I would much rather be safe and do it that way too. An healthy baby and healthy you is the most important thing anyway. Good luck on the house selling front!

Jenn said...

Oh can't wait to see your cute baby belly.
What a relief to have all the painting done. I sure hope your house sells faster than ours. Thinks are starting to pick up for us here now, with showings. I guess most normal people wait until spring to buy a house. And we are far from normal.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

I know what you mean about feeling bigger already. I am almost at the 7 week mark and I feel so bloated. The good thing is that I am not gaining any lbs yet though. I'm sure it will happen soon.

We are doing a lot around our house too, however we do not plan to sell for another couple of years though. It's still fun to spice the place up though.

Best of wishes on the sale of your home.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Yay for baby! I wanna see pics too!!!