Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

This morning Taylor came into our bed, too early. She kept saying something stinks. Then she looked at me and said "mommy you have bad breath. Turn your head over there." Kids are so honest. She's lucky I didn't breathe my dragon breath on her.
I got the phone call I've been waiting for, for the last couple of weeks. My family Doctor does not see obstetric patients, but my ob doesn't nornally see his patients till they are about 2o somethings weeks along. That poses a problem. I need to be seen by somebody. I have an appointment set for June with my ob but it took some convincing for him to see me the whole way through. I know he is super busy, but it is nice to not have to switch Doctor's in the middle. Normally it probably wouldn't matter if I saw an ob or not, but because I've had 2 c-sections a 3rd is inevitable. It sucks but what can I do. Nothing. Wow that was a lengthy way to get that out.
I know it has been a week since a poop story. Quinten thought you guys would want another one so he provided that entertainment today. I left the kids with my mom this morning and she thought because he had just pooped he wouldn't poop again anytime soon. So therefore wouldn't need duct tape. Well he did. Luckly I caught him in the early stage of playing so he didn't make as big of a mess. I'll have to post a picture of his super hero belt, as I like to call it. Maybe I should start drawing pictures on it. You never know it could become a new fashion trend.
That's been my day. Chris is off this weekend to a hockey tournament. Hopefully the kids cooperate for me.
On my last post sandra commented about women who eat ice cream have an easier time getting pregnant. I actually heard that too. And we all know how much I love ice cream. I wonder if it really is true. Who knows.
Peace out!


kristen said...

The stuff I read about the ice cream and pregnancy said that the most likely reason there is the correlation between getting pregnant and eating ice cream has to do with dieting. Women who are on restrictive diets to lose weight are less likely to get pregnant...these same women are also less likely to eat ice cream due to their restrictive diets. isn't the ice cream per se, but I figure it is a good excuse to indulge if you were trying to get pregnant.
(and i thought of you when i read the article too)
Now that I sound sufficiently like a know-it all...

Hey-are you going to post (or at least send us) some pictures as you start to look pregnant?

Desiree said...

Yeah we need to see some pics. If I could post my nasty belly anyone can. And I am sure yours isn't as bad! Walker sure left his marks(stretch marks, that is). Glad you got into a doc. Things seem so complicated. I just go to the family doc and if he is away(which he better not be this time), then we just see whoever is left in charge.

BethJoy said...

Hey Kirst, A 3rd c-section isn't inevitable!! I heard many stories when I was going for my VBAC with Logan of women who had 4 even 5 c-sections and then a vaginal. Although they did say the time between pregnancies makes a difference, at least 2 years before the birth, so you'd be right on that time.
I'd definitely recommend giving it a try, it is an awesome experince, and what a way for your 3rd & last! Especially with 3 kids on your hands, the recovery is so much quicker. It was so wierd becuase I kind of expecting another c-section was higher in the odds for me, and when I started actually pushing it was surreal.

Kirst said...

I know there is a possibility. Both of my c-sections were emergencies and with Quinten they thought I was going to rupture so I think that might play into it. And the fact that I just didn't dilate might have something to do with it too. I guess we'll see what happens at my appointment. If he says I can try for another vbac then Chris and I will have to discuss it. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Anonymous said...

yeah, apparently they say to bring the fat on!! Cut out the healthy skim milk and organic food/yogurt & bring on the whole milk, and ice cream! Apparently they have easier times getting pregnant if they eat that stuff.