Saturday, May 19, 2007

Growly McGrowlerson

I know Devin hates it when I use the same word for both names but too bad. Lately I've thought we have a wild animal living in our house but it is just Quint. It seems as though he would rather growl than talk. It's really quite cute but it's got to hurt his throat after awhile. You'd think anyway. But no he keeps doing it. Maybe it's his way of showing his manly side. And if he's not growling he's screaming. Happy screams of course. I'm surprised I can hear by the end of the day. Today has been a day of unpacking and moving boxes to there designated areas. Don't worry I don't lift the really heavy ones. McDonalds is in order I think and the rest of the day just relaxing as a fam. Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend, even if the weather sucks.


RainbowBrite said...

Awww...Cheers to the Mcdonalds. I totally had some myself today!

Sketti said...

Ahhhhh, Mcdonalds...I can't remember the last time I had some...but it's never as good here as it is in Canada or the states...much fattier there I guess...who knows! But I don't exactly miss it!

Just remembered...early February when Amanda Norton was here...Bad infulence!

And Growly McGrowlerson...very cute!

--Nathan-- said...

yeah im with devon on the not using the same word for both first and last name.. for example Ross called the chick "Cutie McHotterington" or something like that. The boy could be called something like Growly McSnarlson.

Sketti said...

No! It was Cutie McPretty!