Friday, May 04, 2007

Teeth and Soccer

Sorry no house pictures yet. I want the house to be a bit more organized. I will say I love my new shower. I love that I don't have to step on kids toys or try to find a good position to sit down. Chris and I like to sit in the shower. Our new shower has a seat in it. It's great. So relaxing. There is so much that I love. I can't wait to cook using my new stove/oven. I've used the stove but our oven doesn't seem to be working. The groat is still wrong in a couple of spots and when we moved in our water heater didn't work. We have soccer tomorrow and I can't wait to see how she plays tomorrow. And now the pictures.


Sketti said...

I find it very funny that you love your new shower. We moved recently and I absolutly love my new may have something to do with the fact that since I've moved to England I've either not had a shower (the past year and a half only a bathtub) or the pressure is so crap that it just dribbles...Nothing beats a good shower!

Heather said...

SOrry I missed dinner last night... I'm very sad because I won't be able to come for a while. BOOOOOOOOO.