Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Great!

Here are the pictures I couldn't upload the other day.

Now Quinks is sick and was throwing up all day. Hopefully Taylor, Spencer or I get it. We did a lot of laundry today because we had Quinks puking in blankets seen as he doesn't get that you do it in the toilet. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow. We are suppose to be going to Edmonton on Friday and won't be if somebody else gets sick.


Chrissy & Brian said...

I hope the little man feels better soon. And I really hope you guys come this weekend. I wanna see you and meet the new little Lobbster!

Susan Agerbak said...

Awwww, that's too bad about your little man. Hopefully he starts to feel better and the rest of the fam doesn't get it. Having kids is already a lot of work, them being sick just makes it that much more. And feeling like you can't do anything to make them feel better. I would probably fall apart. Got a lot of respect for you folks with kids! (especially three!) :)
Glad to see the newest addition is doing well.
What a cutie!
Take care, and hopefully you can still make your trip to the big E.

BethJoy said...

Oh no, pure guy! Is he getting better. I hope none of you get it either. My house has been a revolving door with illnesses lately. But hopefully it was just a 24hour bug of some sort. I want to see you all and new Spencer too!

Desiree said...

What a bummer about the sickness, hopefully it's over!

Great pics!