Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yes I'm 30 and......

I went to my first concert last night. Chris surprised me with Billy Joel tickets for my birthday. I don't have any other concerts to compare but it was really good. He is such an amazing musician. And funny too.
So as I sit here on a Tuesday, with nobody here for Tuesday night dinner, I realize how much I am missing a bunch of my family. I really wish my brothers, Kristen and Nathan were here. Just over a month a the family will start to roll in. I can't wait for Nathan to be back for good. He's like another brother for me, seen as mine don't live here anymore. Maybe I am having an emotional day, or I am sleep deprived. Or maybe both, and that is why I am feeling this way. It probably doesn't help that as I am cleaning up the kids are coming behind me messing the house up again. Does anybody else feel really frustrated by this? Today I feel like I just can't keep up with them. It also probably doesn't help that Chris has to work late. Sorry if I seem like a downer but sometimes I just need to get it off my chest.
Well I'd better get back to the cleaning now that Quinten is in bed. Hopefully the house will stay tidy. That is till tomorrow when the kid tornado starts again.
Have a great night.


BethJoy said...

I feel your cleaning pain Kirst!
It's all I do it feels like. I am on auto pilot with picking things up. Keith yells at me and tells me to sit down, but I feel like if I can pick up when I see it, it won't get to be too big of a job later, RIGHT??
But hey, their play helps them learn about different skills, so it's all good, I guess.
You just had a baby, you're allowed to be emotional. It's good, just let it out!
Hey we should talk some time soon!!

Chrissy & Brian said...

Sorry you had a bad day, hopefully today will be better!

Lori said...

Billy Joel!? Wow. That would be great.

We all have those kinds of crap days.
Hopefully things perk up today for you:)

Sketti said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day...I have those kind of days even without kids...I'm finding it very difficult being away from home so much for work...3 nights away this week. I desperatly miss Smiley and Moose!

Sketti said...

Oh...btw...Happy 30th!

--Nathan-- said...

hey, you're probably missing so much because im freaking awesome... it's okay to admit.

I can not wait to get home for christmas and then again for good in Feburary... cant wait to see all the babies and the rest of the fam.

happy belated birthday... billy joel sounds a whole heck of a lot better than 16 hour days working in wyoming AKA land where time stands still.