Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sickness be gone

So I did end up getting sick but not nearly as bad as Chris or Quinten. Taylor didn't get it and it looks like she probably won't. We thought that Quinten was done puking on Wednesday so it was fine to go to Edmonton. Well Friday night Quinks puked in Grandpa Tom's eye. And then proceeded to puke a few more times. So needless to say Chris's parents both got sick in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I believe Richard also caught a bit of it. I guess he just wanted to spread the joy. We all feel fine now. Thankgoodness now we can get back to our regular scheduled laundry. Well that is after the poop laundry. What is up with Quinten now pooping either on the carpet or blankets. He doesn't like to be dirty. He is on his way to being potty trained but only pees on the potty a few times a day. It will come. Till then I guess I could be doing a lot of laundry. The duct tape works but leaves sticky stuff on the clothes which doesn't look so good.
In happier new we (well Chris) put up Christmas lights. This is a first for us. Now we need to decorate the inside and then the tree, hopefully next weekend. I love Christmas. It makes me so happy inside. I'm like a kid. And I can't wait to see my bro's, sis in law, Nathan, Steve, Jenn and Jaia. I love family times. We always have so much fun together, even though I seem to get made fun of lots. Oh well.
Well I need to go round the kids up to clean so that we can decorate later.

Update:Quinks is still puking, had blue lips today and has lost some weight so we had him checked out. Who knows why he had blue lips but the Doc said not to worry. And the puking and diarreha could be made worse because of milk. When the stomach has had a gastrointestinal bug the lining is sloughed off. And there aren't enough enzymes to break down the sugars in milk therefore it acts as a laxative. So no milk for Quinks for a few days. If the puke and poop don't clear up off to our family doc we will go. He doesn't seem to be affected by it so that's good. Poor kid doesn't get the whole puking thing.


Desiree said...

I tend to get picked on too! It must be becausen you and I are both super cool people! I guess having three kids isn't the only thing we have in common!

kristen said...

maybe he got into some blue candy or a blue marker...or blueberries (that reminds me of a scene in the sound of music) :) or maybe they are bruised from all the puking.

I hope he feels better soon.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Maya had the same sort of bug during her first birthday. Her pediatrician said to go by a special diet called BRAT - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These all help (almost) constipate them so their diarrhea goes away. Also, pedialyte and gatoraid helps to get their enzymes back up and running. Just thought I would past this info along to you. It worked for Maya and she stopped losing weight and finally started eating a week later. It was hard for her to drink just the juices, but it worked.

Hope he is up and running soon!

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