Wednesday, January 30, 2008

4 months

Today my youngest is 4 months old. Hard to believe that 4 months have come and gone. All along I've thought that Spencer was the heaviest and tallest of all the kids. He is the tallest so far but not by much. By 1/2" and 1". And Quinten was heavier and Taylor lighter at 4 months. Oh how I've forgotten. Spencer is 13 pounds 10 ounces and 25 inches. I know it doesn't matter how big they are but I seem to be fascinated by how different each kid can be in everything they are and everything they do. Spencer had his shots today and everything looks good.
We got the truck started yesterday but this morning it was a no go. I guess the cold weather wasn't really the cause of the not starting truck. Our battery was crapping out and I think the weather just put it over the edge. Luckly Chris wasn't busy at work today so he was able to get a new battery right away.
Thanks to Kathy for letting me use her van to take Spencer for his shots. And for watching my other 2 punkeroos.

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Miranda said...

Sounds like Spencer is doing well. It's amazing to me that he is 4 months!
If you are thinking of trying tea there is a Steeps on Whyte as well as a Cargo and James.

Calgary has a place in Kensington that my cousin buys his's called Oolong favorite there is White Vanilla Coconut tea.