Monday, January 07, 2008

pink eyes

So Friday night we noticed that Taylor had red and gucky eyes. Off to the clinic by our house, with all 3 kids, by myslef. Thankgoodness they were good. Confirmed pink eye. Here we thought great nobody else has it now Quinks eyes are red and getting gucky. Hopefully it stops there. I can't imagine trying to put drops in Spencers eyes. Other than that things are going well. Chris has been working long days and lots with no day off. That just makes the time we get to spend with him that much more special.
That's all for now. Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


Tammy & Jeremy said...

I can't imagine having 2 kids with pink eye and another little one to care for. BUSY MAMMA! I also don't know how you do it with Chris' job. I get antsy when Jeremy is going to be an hour late or if he has to work a couple of hours on the weekend. Maybe I have been spoiled with him being around so much. More power to you!!!!

BethJoy said...

I'm sorry you're two eldest got pink eye. hope they're already feeling better!