Thursday, February 28, 2008

About the same

Spencer will be 5 months either Friday or Saturday, seen as there is no 30th. I had him weighed yesterday. 14 pounds 11 oz and 25 1/2 inches. I thought he was going to be our "big" kid. He's pretty much areound the smae as the other 2. I find it all very interesting. He is a rolling machine. He doesn't crawl yet but has figured out how to roll and roll and roll to get the toy he wants. I love just watching the kids playing and learning all on there own.
We gave in and bought a Wii. One came available to us. Chris and I have a friendly competitive relationship and the Wii is no exception. I suck so he pretty much beats me at everything, but we still have fun trying to beat each other. Taylor loves bowling and Quinten is happy to play with the nunchuk. He thinks he's playing.
That's all for now. I should probably get off my butt and get some laundry done.


--Nathan-- said...

now to find settlers for the wii... fun fact there is a x-box 360 version

fuzzy wuzzy said...

That's how Devin got around when he was about 3 months old, by rolling everywhere.

I certainly hope I'll be able to play Wii. By the time I find out I can, Taylor will be able to beat me.

BethJoy said...

It was leap year last when Jonah was born, and he was born Jan.30th so he didn't turn "1 month old" officially, he skipped that one! It is neat to compare all your kids weights and stuff. That's neat yours are all around the same, but slight differences with each. Jonah and Logan were both HUGE, if we have a girl, will she follow in their footsteps and be huge too! Or we'll just have another huge boy!